Baseball History for October 5th

<— OCT 04     OCT 06 —>


1824 Henry Chadwick
1858 John Reilly
1859 Guerdon Whiteley
1860 Wally Fessenden
1871 Jack Fifield
1871 Roger Denzer
1873 Claude Ritchey
1875 Davey Crockett
1880 Ed Hughes
1881 Tom Raftery
1886 Harry Otis
1886 Bill Steele
1887 Clare Patterson
1887 Felix Chouinard
1889 Jim Bagby
1890 Rollin Cook
1893 Paul Speraw
1895 Norm McMillan
1896 Danny Silva
1896 Charlie Pechous
1901 Scottie Slayback
1904 Sam West
1906 Si Johnson
1907 Frank Doljack
1925 Bobby Hofman
1927 Al Heist
1939 Dennis Bennett
1941 Andy Kosco
1949 Danny Fife
1957 Onix Concepcion
1958 Brent Gaff
1958 Randy Bush
1959 Rod Allen
1960 Randy Bockus
1962 Tracy Woodson
1964 Terry Mathews
1967 Rey Sanchez
1968 Alex Diaz
1972 Aaron Guiel
1972 Yamil Benitez
1973 Luis Lopez
1973 Brett Laxton
1975 Brandon Puffer
1982 Mike Hinckley
1983 Felipe Paulino
1983 Alexi Ogando
1986 Tanner Roark
1986 Jeff Bianchi
1987 Marc Krauss
1994 Victor Reyes
1995 Zack Littell


1898 John Richmond
1918 Eddie Grant
1926 Al Burch
1926 Howard Murphy
1940 Crazy Schmit
1953 Rags Faircloth
1954 Oscar Charleston (The link tells you how to find his grave…)
1955 Lyman Lamb
1962 Jack Cummings
1963 George Curry
1965 Wid Matthews
1966 Harry Hanson
1968 Hal Bevan
1970 Reuben Ewing
1974 Ed Grimes
1976 Bill Bagwell
1982 Dickie Flowers
1983 George Turbeville
1990 Dixie Howell
1994 Lee Gamble
1996 Joe Walsh
2001 Woody Jensen
2009 Brian Powell
2019 Andy Etchebarren


1888 Pud Galvin wins his 300th game – the first pitcher to reach that plateau.

1908 Ed Walsh finishes his season with 40 wins after beating Detroit and moving the White Sox to a half game out with a game to play.

1941 Mickey Owens drops the final strike, allowing Tommy Heinrich to reach base. The Yankees rallied with two outs to beat the Cardinals, 7 – 4.

1947 Al Gionfriddo’s catch to rob Joe DiMaggio of extra bases helps the Dodgers win Game Six of the World Series. For Gionfriddo, it was his last major league game.

1949 Tommy Heinrich is the hero – the first game ending home run in a World Series game – when he homers off of Don Newcombe to give the Yankees a 1 – 0 win over Brooklyn in Game One.


1907 Washington acquires Ollie Pickering from the Browns for the disgruntled Charlie Jones.

1937 Among the Rule 5 draft picks, Washington takes Dutch Leonard from Atlanta of the Southern Association.

1961 Washington sends Dick Donovan, Gene Green, and Jim Mahoney to Cleveland for outfielder Jim Piersall.

1970 St. Louis gets Ted Sizemore and Bob Stinson from Los Angeles for Dick Allen.

1971 Cleveland sends Vada Pinson, Alan Foster and Frank Baker to California for Alex Johnson and Jerry Moses.

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