Baseball History for October 6th

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1854 Charles N. (Pop) Snyder
1854 Frank McCarton
1855 Elisah Alphonso (Dale) Williams
1856 Robert Foster
1859 Ed Cartwright
1866 Eddie Burke
1868 Leighton P. (Whitey) Gibson
1872 Jack Dunn
1873 George Starnagle
1878 Len Swormstedt
1883 James Edward (Red) Morgan
1884 Byron Atkins (Barney) Slaughter
1885 Buddy Ryan
1885 John Knight
1886 Jack Snyder
1886 Hyder Edward (Scotty) Barr
1887 Charlie Enwright
1889 Carl Zamloch
1892 Harry Baumgartner
1893 Pat Duncan
1893 Johnny Tillman
1896 Harry Heitmann
1901 Carlisle Littlejohn
1908 Tom Padden
1909 Walt Bashore
1913 Ken Chase
1914 George Washburn
1915 Lambert Daniel (Dutch) Meyer
1917 Paul Calvert
1918 Jimmy Grant
1922 Joe Frazier
1928 Fred Marolewski
1939 Jack Cullen
1942 Jerry Grote
1943 Jim McGlothlin
1943 Jerry Stephenson
1946 Gary Gentry
1946 Gene Clines
1947 Jerry Bell
1947 Steve Kline
1947 Rich Hacker
1947 Charlie Vaughan
1953 Victor Bernal
1954 Roger Weaver
1956 George Riley
1957 Alfredo Griffin
1959 Dennis Ray (Oil Can) Boyd
1959 Greg Walker
1960 Bruce Fields
1960 Jeff Zaske
1960 Jay Baller
1960 Bill Johnson
1962 Rich Yett
1965 Ruben Sierra
1966 Archi Cianfrocco
1968 Ed Pierce
1969 Robert Person
1970 Darren Oliver
1972 Benji Gil
1972 Valerio De Los Santos
1974 Matt Duff
1975 Jeff Farnsworth
1976 Freddy Garcia
1981 Joel Hanrahan
1983 Radhames Liz
1985 Andrew Albers
1986 Edgmer Escalona
1990 Scott Schebler
1991 Matt Wotherspoon
1995 Jake Bauers
1996 Antonio Santos


1910 Lawrence Farley
1911 Larry Murphy
1912 Bill Finley
1926 Holly Hollingshead
1931 John Kirby
1934 Tom Mansell
1949 Guy Zinn
1954 Josh Devore
1957 Billy Campbell
1957 Phil Cooney
1962 Dick Gossett
1964 Dan Adams
1964 Barney Schreiber
1966 Bill Henderson
1969 Roy Crumpler
1969 Desmond Beatty
1976 Joe Erautt
1977 Gene Bedford
1997 Johnny Vander Meer
1998 Mark Belanger
1999 Bob Patrick
2001 Miguel Del Toro
2004 Norm Schlueter
2020 Fireball Fred Wenz


1908 Detroit beats Chicago to win the American League flag, holding off Cleveland by a half game, and keeping the White Sox out. Had Chicago won, they would have forced a one-game playoff with the Naps.

1923 Ernie Padgett catches a liner, tags the runner coming from first and steps on the bag at second to complete the first unassisted triple play in National League history.

1926 Babe Ruth hits three homers in Game 4 of the World Series; the Yankees won 10 – 5 over St. Louis.

1945 According to lore, Bill Sianis takes his pet goat to Wrigley Field to promote his new bar, the Billy Goat Tavern. Ushers make Sianis leave – so he curses the Cubs.

1984 Steve Garvey homers off Lee Smith in the 9th inning to beat the Cubs in Game 4 of the NLCS. The Padres would win Game 5, crushing the hearts of Cub fans everywhere.

1991 Mets ace David Cone fans 19 Phillies on the last day of the season.

2010 Roy Halliday blanks the Reds, 4 – 0, without allowing a hit as the Phillies take Game One of the NLDS.


1903 The Browns sent John Anderson to New York for Jack O’Connor.

1925 Boston sends Jesse Barnes, Mickey O’Neil and Gus Felix to Brooklyn for Eddie Brown, Jimmy Johnston, and Zack Taylor.

According to an article in the Harrisburg Telegraph, O’Neil and Taylor were top backstops, Barnes and Johnston were the veteran pitchers, and Brown and Felix were essentially prospects.

1967 The Braves released catcher Bob Uecker.

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