Baseball History for October 7th

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1851 Chris Von Der Ahe
1856 Moses Fleetwood (Fleet) Walker
1857 Emery J. (Moxie) Hengel
1859 Chris Rickley
1867 William Park (Brickyard) Kennedy
1869 Frank Donnelly
1881 Charles Elmer (Punch) Knoll
1881 James Durham
1883 Phil Lewis
1883 Al Burch
1884 Tom Tuckey
1885 Fred Liese
1885 Ernie Ovitz
1889 Lynn Brenton
1891 George Batten
1892 Adam DeBus
1895 Fred Fussell
1898 Joe Giard
1903 Bill Walker
1904 Chuck Klein
1909 Tony Malinosky
1912 Bill Patton
1916 Russ Derry
1918 Irv Hall
1918 Frank Baumholtz
1919 Tommy Hughes
1921 Al Sima
1921 Charles Dwight (Red) Adams
1921 Charlie Fox
1922 Grady Hatton
1928 Joe Presko
1932 Bud Daley
1934 Sammy Drake
1939 John O’Donoghue
1939 Phil Ortega
1940 Morrie Steevens
1943 Jose Cardenal
1945 Dick Bates
1952 John Caneira
1953 Andy Replogle
1956 Rudy Law
1963 Ty Van Burkleo
1964 Jim Bruske
1964 Rich DeLucia
1965 Enrique Burgos
1968 Milt Cuyler
1968 Butch Henry
1970 Tim Unroe
1975 Justin Brunette
1983 Ryan Rohlinger
1985 Kris Medlen
1985 Evan Longoria
1987 Alex Cobb
1988 Brandon Cunniff
1991 Mike Foltynewicz
1991 Adrian Sampson
1992 Marcus Lynn (Mookie) Betts
1994 Kohl Stewart
1996 Nick Mears
1997 Jesus Sanchez


1881 Mike Brannock
1888 Studs Bancker
1900 Bill Phillips
1918 Bun Troy
1925 Christy Mathewson


1944 Walter Hewett
1948 Doc Imlay
1956 Tom Stouch
1958 Chick Brandom
1964 Charlie Armbruster
1971 Les Barnhart
1974 Frank Fletcher
1984 Art Butler
1990 Walt Ripley
1991 Leo Durocher
1994 Stan Ferens
1997 Lou Possehl
2008 Bruce Dal Canton
2017 Jim Landis


1950 Whitey Ford, a rookie, wins Game 4 – the Yankees sweep Philadelphia to win the World Series.

1952 The Yankees take their fourth straight World Series, this time in six games, over the Dodgers.

1969 Curt Flood (and three others, including Tim McCarver) are sent to Philadelphia for Dick Allen, Cookie Rojas and Jerry Johnson. Flood chooses not to report – challenging the reserve clause.

1984 The Cubs blow a 3 – 0 lead, leaving Rick Sutcliffe in too long – and getting bad bounces on a ball through Leon Durham’s legs and a shot to the right of Ryne Sandberg. In losing 5 – 3, the Padres go to the World Series while my stepbrother, Ron, and his wife, Michelle, have a wedding reception full of very despondant guests.


1929 Among those taken in the Rule 5 Draft was Earl Webb, who the Cubs took from Cincinnati.

1958 The Giants sent Erni Broglio and Marv Grissom to the Cardinals for Hobie Landrith, Billy Muffett, and Benny Valenzuela.

1969 Philadelphia sent Dick Allen, Jerry Johnson, and Cookie Rojas to the Cardinals for Curt Flood, Tim McCarver, Joe Hoerner, and Byron Browne. Flood famously didn’t report, and the Cardinals sent Willie Montanez and minor leaguer Jim Browning to complete the trade.

1985 Detroit sent Juan Berenguer and Bob Melvin to the Giants for Matt Nokes, Dave LaPoint, and Eric King. Scott Medwin was sent by the Tigers as a player to be named later.

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