Baseball History for March 6th

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1863 John Coleman
1869 Hal Mauck
1871 Frank Gatins
1878 Bert Husting

I first came across him as a member of Connie Mack’s Milwaukee club in 1899 while doing research for the Rube Waddell bio. Husting bolted the team a year later for a pay raise, so his rights were traded to Pittsburgh as part of the process Mack took for getting Rube Waddell to pitch for him in 1900. They were teammates in 1902 with Mack and the Philadelphia As.

I’m pretty sure he was a Wisconsin man through and through, and eventually gave up
baseball to become a lawyer in that state.

1878 John McMakin
1886 Bill Sweeney
1891 Clarence Garrett
1891 Frank Fletcher
1892 George Mohart
1892 Chick Davies
1896 Oscar Davis
1896 Herman Roth
1897 Cliff Brady
1898 Roy Hansen
1900 Lefty Grove

Only the greatest pitcher between Walter Johnson and Sandy Koufax.

1892 Walter Cannady
1915 Bob Swift
1915 Pete Gray

Born Peter James Wyshner, lost his arm to a truck accident before he turned ten, but was such a well coordinated person that he was able to make it into the big leagues as an outfielder during the war.

1917 Joe Orrell
1917 Walker Cress
1917 Ulysses Evans
1924 Ed Mierkowicz
1924 Bud Podbielan
1933 Ted Abernathy
1939 Cookie Rojas

Phillies infielder, later played with some good Royals teams in the 1970s, a coach for a while, and now a broadcaster on the Spanish speaking networks for the Marlins. Beloved down here in South Florida, as he should be.

1940 Willie Stargell

I miss this guy.

1952 Eduardo Rodriguez
1953 Gerry Hannahs
1959 Karl Best
1960 Rick Behenna
1966 Anthony Telford
1966 Joe Hall
1970 Scott Stahoviak
1971 Roger Salkeld

I always thought he was going to become a great pitcher, but his body just couldn’t do it. Always breaking down.

1973 Roberto Duran
1973 Terry Adams
1974 James Lofton
1974 Gabe Alvarez
1975 Edgar Ramos
1977 Marcus Thames
1979 Clint Barmes

Career was going along just fine until he fell down the stairs carrying deer meat, or something like that…

1982 Cristhian Martinez
1986 Ross Detwiler
1986 Jake Arrieta
1986 Francisco Cervelli
1988 Leonys Martin
1994 Domingo Acevedo
1995 Eduardo Paredes
1996 Edmundo Sosa
1996 Edward Olivares


1899 Edward Santry
1910 Morrie Critchley
1912 Pembroke Finlayson
1919 Fred Demarais
1927 John Tilley
1936 Watty Lee
1938 Rube Lutzke
1940 Marshall Locke
1943 Jimmy Collins
1945 Harry O’Neill

O’Neill, who played one game as a catcher for the Athletics, was killed at the battle of Iwo Jima.

1946 Claude Thomas
1956 Joe Berger
1965 Wally Schang
1965 Jimmy Austin

Interviewed in Ritter’s “Glory of Their Times”, and singlehandedly convinced me I needed to write a biography of Rube Waddell. It was Austin’s story of hitting a grand slam off Waddell (which never happened) that opens chapter eight.

1966 Dick Whitworth
1967 Vince Castino
1967 Jack Meyer
1970 Bob Adams
1972 Stan Jok
1976 Emory Long
1979 Link Wasem
1981 Wade Lefler
1988 Dick Ricketts
1988 Lou Legett
1990 Joe Sewell
1993 George Stumpf
1998 Frank Barrett
1999 Ted Alexander
2001 Doc Dennis
2003 Mickey Kreitner
2005 Danny Gardella
2006 Kirby Puckett
2008 Deacon Donahue
2009 Eduardo Rodriguez
2010 Jim Roland
2018 Steve Stroughter


1951 Charlie Brown plays baseball for the first time in a Peanuts comic strip.

2005 Susan Waldman joins John Sterling for broadcasts of Yankee games; she’s the first female full-time color commentator


1904 New York (AL) sends pitcher Harry Howell to the St. Louis Browns for pitcher Jack Powell. A couple of years later, they would be teammates.

1938 Brooklyn sends Eddie Morgan and $45,000 to Philadelphia for Dolph Camilli.

1948 Boston sends Bama Rowell, Ray Sanders and $40,000 to Brooklyn for Eddie Stanky and a player to be named later… The player to be named later was Ray Sanders (he got to go back), so Boston gave Brooklyn an additional $20,000…

1975 Oakland releases Dick Green. The beginning of the end, right?

1975 Kansas City sells bubble gum blowing champ Kurt Bevacqua to Milwaukee.

2007 Houston signs non-drafted free agent Jose Altuve.

2009 Oakland signs free agent Nomar Garciaparra.


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