Baseball History for November 5th

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1861 Dan Phelan
1862 Jim McElroy
1864 Joe Walsh
1867 Elton P. (Ice Box) Chamberlain
1868 Charlie Newman
1873 Billy Campbell
1875 Harry Hardy
1877 Tommy Sheehan
1881 Pryor McElveen
1883 Otis Johnson
1891 Alfred Earle (Greasy) Neale
1892 Clarence Everett (Yam) Yaryan
1892 Lee William (Flame) Delhi
1892 Alfred John (Roxy) Walters
1893 Spencer Heath
1895 Tom McNamara
1895 Wayne Bromley (Rasty) Wright
1897 Jack Ogden
1899 Jack Wisner
1900 Pete Donohue
1904 Ollie Sax
1905 Carl Fischer
1908 Ralph Birkofer
1909 Harry Gumbert
1909 Les Powers
1912 Orlin Woodrow (Buck) Rogers
1914 Marshall Reese (Mark) Mauldin
1916 Jim Tabor
1918 Rogelio Martinez
1921 Mike Goliat
1924 John Craig (Sonny) Dixon
1927 Ralph Joseph (Putsy) Caballero
1938 Ed Olivares
1941 Bill Schlesinger
1942 Richie Scheinblum
1946 Jim Bethke
1952 Tom Carroll
1955 Bobby Ramos
1958 Tom Wiedenbauer
1958 Mike Bishop
1959 Craig McMurtry
1959 Lloyd Moseby
1961 Fred Manrique
1967 Brian Raabe
1970 Glenn Dishman
1970 Javy Lopez
1973 Johnny Damon
1974 Jose Santiago
1976 Liu Rodriguez
1978 Corey Thurman
1979 Alex Herrera
1981 Jarrett Grube
1981 Merkin Valdez
1982 Bryan LaHair
1983 Juan Morillo
1989 Ramon Cabrera
1990 Josh Lucas
1991 Jon Gray
1993 Jacob Waguespack


1881 Clipper Flynn
1902 Daisy Davis
1903 Harrison Peppers
1908 Pat Hannivan
1909 Walt Kinzie
1923 Buck Becannon
1928 George Treadway
1933 Frank Freund
1940 Bill Mellor
1941 Varney Anderson
1950 Bill Johnson
1951 George Stovall
1955 Frank Gregory
1964 Dutch Stryker
1968 Wally Mattick
1969 Hardin Barry
1970 Dave Robertson
1970 Charlie Root
1970 Freddy Spurgeon
1971 Joe Palmisano
1971 Sam Jones
1973 Bert Hogg
1978 Tommy O’Brien
1983 Pat Murray
1983 Lefty Taber
1988 Glenn Chapman
1992 Dick Hahn
1992 Rod Scurry
1994 Gene Desautels
1994 Tim McNamara
1994 Joe Hague
2000 Willard Marshall
2000 Harry Taylor
2003 Dernell Stenson


1901 Ban Johnson and Charles Comiskey sign a lease to use Sportsman’s Park in St. Louis. Soon after, the Milwaukee Brewers will move to St. Louis and become the Browns.

1940 Walter Johnson loses an election for Maryland’s 6th congressional district, gaining 47% of the vote against Democrat William D. Byron.


1907 New York purchases Boston’s Hobe Ferris, then packages him with Danny Hoffman and Jimmy Williams in a trade to the Browns for Fred Glade, Charlie Hemphill and Harry Niles. The Browns got great seasons from Ferris and Williams in their run at a pennant in 1908 (that fell just short).

1962 Minnesota signs amateur free agent pitcher Rudy May.

1976 Oakland sends Chuck Tanner to the Pirates (allowing their manager to leave) for Manny Sanguillen and $100,000.

1976 Expansion Draft!!!

Seattle takes Ruppert Jones and Toronto takes Bob Bailor in the first round… Other prominent players included Jim Clancy (Toronto, from Texas), Al Fitzmorris (Toronto from Kansas City), Glenn Abbott (Seattle, from Oakland), Julio Cruz (Seattle, from California), Ernie Whitt (Toronto, from Boston), and Garth Iorg (Toronto, from the Yankees).


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