Baseball History for November 6th

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1852 Charles Wilson (Dory) Dean
1860 Steve Behel
1861 Sam Childs
1865 Billy Crowell
1867 Tim Shinnick
1876 (Daredevil) Dave Altizer
1876 Danny Green
1887 Walter Johnson
1890 Ralph Bell
1891 Walter Anthony (Red) Torphy
1891 Jeff McCleskey
1893 Dana Fillingim
1898 Charles Julius (Chick) Tolson
1899 Joe Munson
1907 Earl Clark
1910 Chet Covington
1911 Frank Gabler
1917 Bob Repass
1919 Frank Carswell
1922 John Joseph (Buddy) Kerr
1925 Bob Addis
1926 Harley Hisner
1928 Bill Wilson
1930 Bob Darnell
1932 John Oldham
1938 Mack Jones
1942 Jim Gosger
1947 Chris Arnold
1947 Lee Patrick Thomas (Skip) Pitlock
1953 John Candelaria
1953 Brock Pemberton
1959 Leo Hernandez
1960 Ron Romanick
1962 Leo Garcia
1965 Brian Givens
1965 Ever Magallanes
1968 Chad Curtis
1969 Don Wengert
1970 Chris Petersen
1971 Bubba Trammell
1972 Matt Skrmetta
1972 Deivi Cruz
1973 Justin Speier
1973 Carlos Almanzar
1979 Adam LaRoche
1980 Mike Thompson
1983 Justin Maxwell
1984 Ricky Romero
1984 Atahualpa Severino
1987 Cory Rasmus
1987 Caleb Cotham
1988 James Paxton
1992 Alex Blandino
1998 Alejandro Kirk


1922 Morgan Bulkeley

President of Hartford’s professional team when the NL started, then named National League president.  Later a mayor, governor, and senator from Hartford, and the president of Aetna for four decades.  Bulkeley caught a cold that never left; three weeks later he was gone.

1924 Emil Leber
1925 Sam Kimber
1925 Hervey McClellan
1928 Jose Mendez
1928 Bill Cooney
1931 Jack Chesbro
1935 Billy Sunday
1949 Bill Richardson
1950 Martin Glendon
1951 Carl Husta
1953 Tom Dougherty
1958 Al Mattern
1958 Ernie Diehl
1961 Roy Hartzell
1963 Clarence Mitchell
1964 Buz Phillips
1982 Al Baker
1983 Bob Lawrence
1993 Ed Sadowski
1994 Erv Dusak
2003 Spider Jorgensen
2009 Bob Roselli
2009 Tommy Reis
2010 Jay Van Noy

Bacterial endocarditis took Van Noy, who snuck in six games with the Cardinals and after his baseball career ended became a successful baseball coach at BYU.

2013 Ace Parker
2017 Rick Stelmaszek

A bullpen coach (among other roles) with the Twins for more than three decades, pancreatic cancer took the former catcher.


1950 Branch Rickey signs a contract to be the executive vice president for the Pittsburgh Pirates.

2001 Owners vote nearly unanimously to allow Bud Selig to look into contracting two teams from the major leagues.

2007 Baseball votes (25 – 5) to allow limited use of instant replays to review home runs.


1930 Pittsburgh sends Dick Bartell to the Phillies for Tommy Thevenow and Claude Willoughby.

1972 Montreal sends Tim McCarver back to the Cardinals for Jorge Roque.

Also, San Francisco signs amateur pitcher John Montefusco.

1976 Montreal sends Steve Dunning, Tony Scott, and Pat Scanlon to the Cardinals for Bill Grief, Sam Mejias, and Angel Torres.

1987 Cincinnati sends Ted Power and Kurt Stillwell to the Royals for Danny Jackson and Angel Salazar.

Also, Atlanta signs amateur free agent catcher Javy Lopez.

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