Baseball History for March 27th

<— MARCH 26     MARCH 28 —>


1852 Ed Cushman
1869 Toby Lyons
1869 Bill Wynne
1875 George Magoon
1878 Miller Huggins
1882 Bill Collins
1891 William Rumler
1893 Charlie Boardman
1895 Bill Burwell
1897 Effa Manley
1897 Joe Lucey
1899 Marty Walker
1899 Ed Hock
1903 Joe Dwyer
1905 Johnny Gill
1906 Fred Tauby
1910 Steve Sundra
1910 Vince Sherlock
1911 Walter Stephenson
1915 Newt Kimball
1924 Walt Linden
1927 Dick Rozek
1929 Milt Smith
1931 Bobby Prescott
1932 Wes Covington
1933 Don Lassetter
1946 Bill Sudakis
1946 Mike Jackson
1950 Lynn McGlothen
1950 Vic Harris
1951 Dick Ruthven
1953 Gary Alexander
1956 Dave Hostetler
1957 Dave Van Gorder
1963 Drew Hall
1963 Mike Dalton
1967 Candy Sierra
1967 Jaime Navarro
1968 Tom Quinlan
1970 Derek Aucoin
1972 Creighton Gubanich
1972 Adam Melhuse
1977 Nate Rolison
1978 Dee Brown
1979 Michael Cuddyer
1981 Brian Slocum
1986 Johnny Monell
1987 Buster Posey
1989 Matt Harvey
1990 Jake Odorizzi
1990 Junior Lake


1889 Tom Smith
1902 Tom Morrison
1906 Toad Ramsey
1908 Forrest Crawford
1917 Willie Jensen
1926 Kick Kelly
1927 Joe Start
1947 Pete Lister
1949 Frank Gleich
1950 Fred Frank
1955 Frank Roth
1962 Bill Chambers
1963 Fritz Knothe
1978 Dutch Zwilling
1980 Lou Knerr
1984 Baby Ortiz
1995 Chet Nichols
1997 Fred Chapman
2004 Bob Cremins
2008 Billy Consolo
2014 Al Cihocki


1981 MLB declares Carlton Fisk a free agent because the Red Sox sent Fisk a copy of his contract two days late. He’d sign with the White Sox.


1881 Clark Griffith signed with the St. Louis Browns.

1973 Detroit acquired Jim Perry for Danny Fife and cash. According to, it’s the first time the 10/5 rule (ten year veteran with five years on the same team) was applied to a trade. Perry was okay with the deal.

1981 Oakland sends Bob Lacey and Roy Moretti to San Diego for Tony Phillips, Kevin Bell, and Eric Mustad.

1987 Kansas City weeps – sending David Cone and Chris Jelic to the Mets for Ed Hearn, Mauro Gozzo, and Rick Anderson.

1997 Atlanta sends Jermaine Dye and Jaime Walker to Kansas City for Michael Tucker and Keith Lockhart.

2002 Florida sends Antonio Alfonseca and Matt Clement to Chicago for Dontrelle Willis, Julian Taverez, Ryan Jorgenson, and Jose Cueto.

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