Baseball History for March 28th

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1860 Tom McLaughlin

“Thomas McLaughlin, 61 years old, 547 East Jefferson Street, died at 5 o’clock yesterday afternoon at the St. Mary and Elizabeth Hospital following an illness of a year.

He was a native of Louisville and am employee of the Standard Sanitary Manufacturing Company.

He is survived by a daughter, Miss Josephine McLaughlin; a son, Paul McLaughlin; and a brother, Michael McLaughlin, Owensboro. Funeral services will be held at 3:30 o’clock tomorrow morning at Bosse’s Chapel and at 9 o’clock at St. Boniface Catholic Church. Burial will be in St. Michael’s Cemetery.

“Thomas McLaughlin”, Louisville Courier-Journal, 22 July 1921, Page 12.

A note in the Kentucky Irish American newspaper regarding McLaughlin’s death on 30 July 1921 noted that he died of cancer and was at one time a star shortstop on the old Louisville ball team.

From a quick glance, Thomas was a Louisville man, through and through.  I saw notes about his play with the Eclipse club in Louisville prior to joining the major league team in 1883.  He just never hit – but must have been a sensational fielder.  His batting averages in his three seasons in Louisville fell between .192 and .212.  In 1886, he moved to the New York Metropolitans but didn’t hit there, either.  It didn’t take long for McLaughlin to be released…  He kept playing at lower levels, though, and was given one last chance with Washington in 1891 where he hit a respectable .268 in limited action.

1864 Frank Brill

“Brill’s work in the box was a slight falling off from his previous efforts, but it was such as to increase the impression that he is capable of making a pitcher of more than ordinary merit. He should remain with the Detroits, practice daily, study the delivery of other pitchers and learn the weaknesses of batters. He has speed, coolness, and all the shoots. It remains for him to learn what kind of balls a batter cannot hit well.”

“Base Ball.”, Detroit Free Press, 28 June 1884, Page 8.

Frank Brill makes the encyclopedia as a pitcher for Detroit for two months in 1884 and for a while in the minors, but he really loved the lanes…

“Frank (Pop Brill) Briell, 80, first ABC (American Bowling Congress) singles and all-events champion in 1901, died recently in Flushing, N.Y.”

“First ABC Champ Dies.”, Troy Record, 30 December 1944, Page 15.

1875 Jimmy Barrett
1875 Harry Gleason
1890 Johnny Johnston
1890 Dee Walsh
1894 Lee King
1898 Chief Yellow Horse
1899 Al Hermann
1905 Allen Benson
1907 Walt Masters
1909 Lon Warneke
1911 Clarence Pickrel
1915 Joe Krakauskas

Joe Krakauskas

1919 Vic Raschi
1920 Babe Martin
1920 Fred Hancock
1929 Bill Macdonald
1935 Garland Shifflett
1936 Jimmie Coker
1949 Frank Snook
1961 Glenn Davis
1964 Mike Fitzgerald
1967 Shawn Boskie
1967 Larry Gonzales
1969 Craig Paquette
1973 Paul Wilson
1974 Ryan Christenson
1975 Steve Sparks
1975 Julio Zuleta
1981 Edwar Ramirez
1985 Mark Melancon
1986 Brad Emaus
1986 Steve Susdorf
1987 Bryan Morris
1988 Ryan Kalish
1991 Christian Walker
1993 Robel Garcia
1995 Will Smith (the catcher…)


1904 George Seward
1907 Chick Stahl
1913 Clare Patterson
1916 Eddie Hohnhorst
1919 Steve Toole
1931 Ban Johnson
1933 Tom McCarthy
1934 Ed Larkin
1939 Fred Goldsmith
1946 Chick Fullis
1946 Cum Posey
1947 Johnny Evers
1950 Henry Clarke
1950 Ernie Ross
1951 Kohly Miller
1951 Joe Murphy
1953 Jim Thorpe
1955 Tom Lynch
1958 Chuck Klein
1958 Gus Thompson
1961 Jim Hackett
1961 Jack Coveney
1972 Donie Bush
1972 Cy Moore
1975 Hy Gunning
1984 Jess Pike
1990 Johnny Neun
1993 Ray Flanigan
1996 Don Ross
2003 Sam Bowens
2006 Paul Minner
2009 Earle Brucker
2010 Joe Gates
2010 John Purdin
2013 Gus Triandos
2015 Dick Mills


1999 In Havana, the first game between a US team and a Cuban team in more than 40 years, the Orioles top the Cuban National team, 3 – 2.


Not a lot going on here. Mostly releases…

1976 St. Louis sends Bill Caudill to the Reds for Joel Youngblood.

1981 The Cubs and White Sox exchange pitchers – Ken Kravec goes to the Cubs, Dennis Lamp to the Sox.

2001 Florida sends Mark Kotsay and Cesar Crespo to the Padres for Matt Clement, Eric Owens and Omar Ortiz.

2017 Cincinnati picks up Scooter Gennett, who had been waived by the Brewers.

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