Baseball History for March 26th

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1850 Morrie Critchley
1869 Jack McCarthy
1879 Charles Moran
1884 Jimmy Lavender
1884 Rube Geyer
1889 Joseph Burns
1889 Brad Hogg
1891 Hardin Barry
1893 Frank Brower
1895 Joe Klugmann
1896 Bullet Campbell
1901 Jim Battle
1904 Duke Lattimore
1909 Alex Mustaikis
1909 Pete McQueen
1912 Daniel Webster
1913 Bill Zuber
1914 Hal Epps
1917 Clayton Lambert
1939 Al Neiger
1942 Mel Queen
1949 Roger Hambright
1955 Dan Morogiello
1958 Chris Codiroli
1961 Mickey Weston
1961 Mike Warren
1962 Kevin Seitzer
1963 Luis Medina
1964 Mike Loynd
1967 Jarvis Brown
1967 Shawn Hare
1968 Shane Reynolds
1968 Jose Vizcaino
1968 Gerald Alexander
1971 Jesus Tavarez
1971 Frank Lankford
1972 Jason Maxwell
1979 Jason Dubois
1981 Josh Wilson
1982 Brendan Ryan
1983 Eric Hacker
1988 Marcus Hatley
1990 Jett Bandy
1991 Michael Taylor
1991 Rob Refsnyder
1991 Hernan Perez
1991 Matt Davidson
1992 Ramon Flores
1992 Rob Zastryzny
1993 Trevor Oaks
1997 Cristian Javier


1922 Count Gedney
1936 Dan Costello
1936 Ed Hawk
1937 Jerry Nops
1942 Jimmy Burke
1944 Neil Stynes
1947 Jim Bluejacket
1949 Mike Jacobs
1960 Dan Tipple
1967 Squanto Wilson
1973 George Sisler
1974 Art Kores
1975 Harley Young
1979 Louis Dula
1984 Bobby Robinson
1986 Mel Bosser
2002 Whitey Wietelmann
2005 Marius Russo
2014 George Lerchen
2017 Todd Frohwirth
2018 Jerry Moses
2020 Jimmy Wynn
2021 Mike Bell


1960 With the fear of political unrest affecting an exhibition game, the game in Havana between Cincinnati and Baltimore is moved to Miami.

2000 The Seattle Kingdome is demolished.


1952 St. Louis picked up Gene Mauch, who had been waived by the Yankees.

1952 St. Louis returned Tommy Lasorda to Brooklyn.

1974 Atlanta purchased Buzz Capra from the Mets. He’d lead the league in ERA…

1977 Texas sent Rodney Scott, Jim Umbarger and cash to Oakland for Claudell Washington.

1982 Chicago sent Paul Mirabella, Paul Semall (in April) and cash to Texas for Bump Wills.

1984 Chicago gets Tim Stoddard from Oakland for two minor leaguers. Then, the Cubs sent Bil Campbell and Mike Diaz to Philadelphia for Gary Matthews, Bobby Dernier, and Porfi Altamirano. Dernier and Matthews would join Ryne Sandberg to give the Cubs a potent top of the order in winning the NL East crown.

1992 San Diego sent Jose Valentin, Ricky Bones, and Matt Mieske to Milwaukee for Gary Sheffield and Geoff Kellogg.

1997 Florida sends Joe Orsulak and Dustin Hermanson to Montreal for Cliff Floyd.

2008 Kansas City trades a player to be named later to Colorado for Ramon Ramirez… That player? Jorge De La Rosa.


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