Baseball History for June 16th

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1853 Lon Knight
1857 Marr Phillips
1867 Bill Zies
1867 Pete O’Brien
1874 Harry Blake
1874 Libe Washburn
1881 Wish Egan
1882 Bobby Keefe
1883 Red Waller
1883 Al Mattern
1884 Bob Peterson
1886 Jack Rowan
1886 Kid Speer
1888 Jay Kirke
1889 Gene Dale
1889 Win Noyes
1889 Ralph Capron
1890 Fritz Mollwitz
1894 Bob Glenn
1913 Skeeter Scalzi
1913 Pete Coscarart

Born in Escondido, CA, a three sport high school athlete who was signed by Portland before being sold to the Dodgers as 1937 came to an end. After a slow start in 1938 (and being sent to Nashville for more schooling from Charlie Dressen), he had a fine season in 1939 (.277, a few walks, ten steals, fine fielding at second). His hitting fell off in 1940 (though he was an all-star) and left him in 1941. As such, Coscorart was a throw in when the Dodgers traded for Arky Vaughn. The Pirates made him a starter during the war years but it ended – just three games and two at bats in 1946.

Part of his demise was tied to his constantly being a hold out, and then because a bunch of baseball players returned from the war, and finally for being a union guy – he actually voted to go on strike, which likely cost him his job (he was shipped to the minors). Later in life, he was one of many players that sued (unsuccessfully) MLB for benefits – not just pensions but royalties for use of their names and likenesses in memorabilia. Eventually players got those pensions – but not Coscarart, who died of an aneurism in 2002.

1914 Johnnie Wittig
1916 Joe Rullo
1920 Eddie Malone
1922 Max Surkont
1923 Allie Clark
1924 Ernie Johnson
1926 Bob Miller
1933 Ken Johnson
1934 Pancho Herrera
1946 Tom Ragland
1947 Joe Decker
1948 Ron LeFlore
1949 Bob Rauch
1951 Stan Wall
1957 Salome Barojas
1962 Calvin Schiraldi
1962 Wally Joyner
1969 Kevin Young
1971 Fernando Hernandez
1971 Chris Gomez
1975 Jose Nieves
1977 Kerry Wood
1980 Dewon Brazelton
1981 Joe Saunders
1984 Jonathan Broxton
1987 Arquimedes Caminero
1990 Kelby Tomlinson


1908 Ned Garvin
1914 Bert Dorr
1929 George Carman
1929 Mike Sullivan
1931 Andy Sommerville
1940 Bill Hawes
1941 Mike Flynn
1949 Jim Cook
1949 Jerry Kane
1955 Mike Morrison
1958 Jack Phillips
1961 Benny Bowcock
1961 Mack Hillis
1961 Chuck Miller
1964 Dick Culler
1967 Dutch Holland
1971 Steve Partenheimer
1975 Clint Courtney
1976 George Dickey
1977 Otto Rettig
1978 Hugh Shelley
1994 Marlin Stuart
1996 Mel Allen (Broadcaster)
2001 Wally Hood
2001 Sam Jethroe
2004 George Hausmann
2008 Bert Shepard
2010 Bob Hartman
2014 Tony Gwynn


1916 Tom Hughes tosses a no-hitter over the Pirates as the Braves win, 2 – 0. Hughes fans seven and walks a pair.

1938 Maybe you should have missed this one. Jimmie Foxx is the first player to get walked six times in a game… He is the only one (of three) to do it in nine innings.

1964 Ken Boyer hits for the cycle – 4 for 5 with three RBI in a 7 – 1 win over Houston.

1978 Tom is Terrific! Seaver’s Cincinnati Reds blank the Cardinals, 4 – 0, with St. Louis failing to get a hit. Seaver struck out just three and walked three – but ground outs were the norm. Dan Driessen had fourteen putouts.

TRIVIA… Name the Reds catcher that day:

1991 Otis Nixon is the first player in forever to steal six bases in a game. Atlanta still lost – to Montreal (and catcher Mike Fitzgerald).

2001 John Olerud hits for the cycle in a Mariner win, 9 – 2 over the Padres. Olerud homered in the ninth to seal the deal…

2015 Brock Holt hits for the cycle – an eighth inning triple completing the foursome.


1893 Baltimore trades Piggy Ward and cash to Cincinnati for Tony Mullane.

1897 Louisville releases Jim Rogers. I’m pretty sure they named Fred Clarke, who was about 26, their manager right about that time.

1933 The Giants send Sam Leslie to Brooklym for Lefty O’Doul and Watty Clark. O’Doul had just won a batting title…

1945 The Giants send the aging Joe Medwick to Boston for Clyde Kluttz.

1952 Pittsburgh signs amateur Dick Groat.

1961 Houston signs amateur pitcher Dave Giusti.

1962 Detroit signs amateur pitcher John Hiller.

1963 Philadelphia signs amateur pitcher Rick Wise.

1972 Jim Maloney retired – he was with the Giants at the time.

1986 Baltimore sends Dennis Martinez to Montreal – and the teams swap players to be named later (John Stefero and Rene Gonzales complete the deal).

1995 St. Louis sends Todd Zeile to the Cubs for Mike Morgan and two minor leaguers.



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