Baseball History for June 15th

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1840 Washington Fulmer

Civil War vet who managed to play a single game for Brooklyn in 1875 against his hometown Philadelphia Athletics. Got two hits, so it wasn’t a total loss. His brother Charles was better copy.

1860 Ed Glenn

Gentlemanly outfielder from Richmond who made the rounds with a few teams in the 1880s before injuries and tuberculosis called him to the great dugout in the sky.

1862 William Walter (Peek-A-Boo) Veach

Deserves a much better story than two sentences – might attack that later.  Veach was a fine pitcher who couldn’t avoid running up large bar tabs, which first turned him into a baseball nomad and then cost him a career.

1863 Jerry Hurley
1866 Nick Wise
1869 Tom Hart
1876 Charlie Dexter
1878 Ed Wheeler
1884 Heinie Beckendorf

Catcher at the beginning of the previous century – was catching with Scranton for Malachi Kittridge, sold to Detroit, and found his way around the leagues after that. Must have been a decent catcher, because he wasn’t doing it with his bat. No matter… In 1911, Detroit released him to Buffalo, and he was so distraught about being sent back to the minors that he disappeared for at least two weeks.

“Beckendorf is Lost”, Evansville Press, 09 May 1911, Page 6.

He didn’t last in Buffalo long, and was out of baseball a year later.

1890 John Wilson
1890 Harry Ernest (Dutch) Schirick

That’s The Honorable Justice Harry E. Schirick, who for 15 years was a New York State Supreme Court Justice representing the 3rd District.

Got a tryout with the Browns in 1914, drew a walk, was allowed to take two bases (the Browns trailed by about ten runs in the ninth when Dutch batted), and then the game – and his baseball career – was over.  He returned to Kingston, NY where he worked his way through to the bench and along the way formed and managed a semi-pro team in his home city in the 1920s.

1891 Lou North
1891 Frank Crossin
1894 Mike Cantwell
1894 Norm Glockson
1897 Edwin Parker (Cy) Twombly
1903 Owen Kahn
1904 Hank Winston
1904 Everett Virgil (Pid) Purdy
1904 Ed Pipgras
1906 Monte Weaver
1912 Merrit Marwood (Mem) Lovett
1912 Babe Dahlgren
1916 Bud Stewart
1925 Gene Baker
1927 Ben Flowers
1938 Billy Williams
1939 Ty Cline
1941 Bruce Dal Canton
1943 Al Closter
1946 Ken Henderson
1946 John Junior (Champ) Summers
1949 Johnnie B. (Dusty) Baker
1956 Lance Parrish
1957 Brett Butler
1958 Wade Boggs
1966 Dave Liddell
1972 Tony Clark
1972 Andy Pettitte
1972 Ramiro Mendoza
1974 Chris Wakeland
1977 Bret Prinz
1978 Zach Day
1979 Matt Smith
1980 Erik Kratz
1981 Jeremy Reed
1984 Tim Lincecum
1984 Cliff Pennington
1985 Mike Fiers
1986 Trevor Plouffe
1986 Sean West
1987 Jake Elmore
1987 Eduardo Nunez
1987 Josh Lindblom
1991 Travis Jankowski


1893 Darby O’Brien
1906 Sandy Nava
1919 Fred Tenney
1921 Robert Foster
1929 Tim Flood
1937 Al Krumm
1947 Luke Stuart
1949 Jim Buchanan
1949 Nig Clarke
1954 Lew Carr
1956 Scotty Ingerton
1957 Rip Wade
1959 Charlie Eakle
1964 Jim Spotts
1965 Jack Calvo
1967 Ollie Welf
1968 Sam Crawford
1976 Jimmy Dykes
1977 Bill Lee
1987 Don White
1987 George Smith
1988 Hugh Willingham
1989 Judy Johnson
1990 Bucky Jacobs
1991 Happy Chandler
1992 Eddie Lopat
1997 Bill Lawrence
1999 Gene Markland
2001 Marcelino Solis
2005 Carroll Sembera
2008 John Buzhardt
2008 Billy Muffett
2011 Ted Gray
2013 Stan Lopata


1938 Johnny Vander Meer throws the second of his consecutive no hitters, topping Brooklyn, 6 – 0. Vander Meer was getting tired and nervous – he walked two in the seventh and three in the ninth.

1940 Giants catcher Harry Danning hits for the cycle. What makes this unique, though, is that his homer was of the inside the park variety…

1949 Eddie Waitkus is shot in the chest by Ruth Ann Steinhagen, a fan with an unusually deep crush…

1963 Juan Marichal tosses a no-hitter to blank the Astros, 1 – 0. The Giants ace fanned five and walked a pair of batters.


1885 There has to be more to this story… Detroit purchased a bunch of players from Indianapolis of the Western League. The list includes: Deacon McGuire, Sam Thompson, Dan Casey, Sam Crane, Jim Keenan, Gene Moriarty, Chub Collins, Larry McKeon, and Jim Donnelly.

1894 Boston signs amateur Fred Tenney.

1926 Kind of a three team trade – St. Louis got Bing Miller from the Athletics for Baby Doll Jacobson. Then Philadelphia peddled Jacobson, Slim Harriss, and Fred Heimach to Boston for Howard Ehmke.

1928 – New York sends four players (Ben Cantwell, Al Spohrer, Bill Clarkson, and Virgil Barnes) to the Braves for Joe Genewich.

1940 Philadelphia sent Morrie Arnovich to the Reds for Johnny Rizzo.

1949 Cincinnati sends Hank Sauer and Frank Baumholtz to the Cubs for Harry Walker and Peanuts Lowrey.

1951 Chicago sends Andy Pafko, Wayne Terwilliger, Rube Walker, and Johnny Schmitz to Brooklyn for Bruce Edwards, Eddie Miksis, Gene Hermanski, and Joe Hatten.

1957 Milwaukee sends Ray Crone, Bobby Thomson, and Danny O’Connell to the Giants for Red Schoendienst.


Kansas City sends Ryne Duren, Harry Simpson and Jim Pisoni to the Yankees for Woodie Held, Billy Martin, Bob Martyn and Ralph Terry.

1958 Kansas City sends Woodie Held and Vic Power to the Indians for Roger Maris, Preston Ward, and Dick Tomanek.

1962 Philadelphia signs amateur pitcher Fergie Jenkins.

1964 Chicago sends Lou Brock, Paul Toth, and Jack Spring to the Cardinals for Ernie Broglio, Bobby Shantz, and Doug Clemens.

1965 Houston sends Chuck Taylor and Hal Woodeshick to the Cardinals for Mike Cuellar and Ron Taylor.

1968 Part of the genesis of Ball Four – Seattle purchases Jim Bouton from the Yankees for $20,000 – but the Yankees picked up part of Bouton’s salary.

1969 Montreal sends Donn Clendenon to the Mets for Steve Renko and a bunch of minor leaguers.

1975 Chicago sends Stan Bahnsen and Skip Pitlock to the Athletics for Chet Lemon and Dave Hamilton.

1976 The Yankees send Rick Dempsey, Scott McGregor, Tippy Martinez, Rudy May, and Dave Pagan to the Orioles for Doyle Alexander, Ken Holtzman, Elrod Hendricks, and Jimmy Freeman.


Charles Finley Fire Sales that are eventually voided… Vida Blue (Yankees), Rollie Fingers (Boston), Joe Rudi (Boston).

1977 New York sends Tom Seaver to the Reds for Steve Henderson, Doug Flynn, Pat Zachry, and Dan Norman.

1983 New York sends Neil Allen and Rick Ownbey to the Cardinals for Keith Hernandez.

2001 Texas gives away Edwin Encarnacion and Ruben Mateo to the Reds for Rob Bell.

(June 15th used to be a trade deadline day – there are so many very interesting trades on this day that
aren’t listed here!)

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