Baseball History for June 17th

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1851 Ed Mincher

Briefly played with Fort Wayne and Washington in the National Association between 1871 and 1872 – 20 games, 14 hits in 89 at bats.

1855 Terry Connell

Appeared in one game with the Chicago White Stockings in 1874.

1861 Pete Browning

The original Louisville Slugger – a tremendous hitter with a less than serious take on life and an appetite for food and drink. Perhaps the greatest hitter of the 1880s.

1863 Phil Tomney

Teammate of Browning – not quite the hitter. His best season came when everyone else left the original major leagues and played in the Players League of 1890. When that ended, so did Tomney’s career.

1877 Pete O’Brien
1879 Ed Hilley
1881 Claude Rossman

Not a horrible hitter, actually. Was on a couple of pennant winning teams with Ty Cobb. At one point, he was a teammate of Rube Waddell’s and was allowed to captain one of the two spring training teams (owners would split the teams in half and hit the road to play in exhibition games against major, minor, and college teams). Rossman was also a pretty good writer, so he would send copy back to the newspapers.

1887 Bob Coulson
1890 Phil Douglas
1891 Zeb Terry
1897 Bill Hubbell
1903 Ben Shields
1905 Chink Outen
1910 Joe Bowman
1911 Byron Humphrey
1916 Joe Burns
1918 Pete Elko
1921 Dave Pope
1928 Willard Nixon
1932 Bennie Daniels
1942 Luis Peraza
1948 Dave Concepcion

Shortstop from the Big Red Machine. There are a bunch of people who think he’s a hall of famer. I liked him, too, but he’s not. Bench, Morgan (and, by skill, Rose) were Hall of Famers. Perez was arguably one. Concepcion batted seventh or eighth. Had he needed to bat higher than that, they aren’t the Big Red Machine.

1948 Gary Ryerson
1949 Brian Ostrosser
1955 Joe Charboneau

1980 AL Rookie of the Year, until a bad back ruined things. Seemed like that cool but slightly goofy guy who was the best player on your softball team.

1961 Mickey Brantley
1961 Victor Mata
1962 Stu Tate
1963 Tom Drees
1963 Matt Kinzer
1965 Mike Magnante
1965 Manuel Lee
1966 Shawn Abner
1975 Mark Brownson
1975 Donnie Sadler
1978 Dernell Stenson
1983 David Pauley
1990 Andrew Chafin
1990 Matt Barnes


1887 Hugh Gilgan
1901 Bill Craver
1907 Frank McCarton
1935 Wyman Andrus
1939 Allan Sothoron
1945 Joe Visner
1951 Bill Harper
1952 Al Atkinson
1952 Julio Bonetti
1959 Dave Black
1959 Jim McHale
1961 Ollie Johns
1969 Byron Houck
1973 Fritz Scheeren
1974 Roger Salmon
1975 Sid Gordon
1979 Duffy Lewis
1984 Jim Hegan
1987 Dick Howser
1988 Ed Montague
1995 Bruce Campbell
2000 Joe Albanese
2002 Bill Adair
2009 Dusty Rhodes


1880 Just five days after Lee Richmond is the first to complete one, John Montgomery Ward throws a perfect game for Providence.


1915 Cubs reliever George “Zip” Zabel comes into the game in relief with two outs in the first inning – and goes the rest of the way, all 18.1 innings to get the win over the Robins. Brooklyn starter Jeff Pfeffer went the distance (18.2 innings) for the loss.

1923 Skipper Friday, the complete game loser for Washington, goes eleven innings and allows just four hits. Part of his problem? He walked 14 White Sox batters.

1943 Boston’s Joe Cronin is the first player to hit pinch hit homers in both ends of a double header. Boston and Philadelphia split the two games.

1960 Ted Williams hits homer #500 off of Wayne Hawkins…

1978 Ron Guidry is on fire – throws a shutout on four hits and strikes out 18 batters in a win over the Angels. Joe Rudi goes 0 for 4 with four strikeouts.


1910 Cincinnati purchases Rube Benton from Macon in the South Atlantic (SALLY) League for about $7,000.

1955 Boston signs bonus baby Jim Pagliaroni.

1957 Washington signs bonus baby pitcher Jim Kaat.

1960 Chicago signs amateur infielder Paul Popovich.

1979 San Francisco signs amateur outfielder Dan Gladden.



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