Baseball History for June 10th


1856 Bill Rollinson
1857 Joseph (J. B.) Young
1861 Pat O’Connell
1870 Pat McCauley
1876 George Prentiss
1876 Wilbert Otto (Barney) Wolfe
1878 Ernie Lindemann
1880 Jack Coveney
1882 William Joseph (Jap) Barbeau
1886 Jack Graney
1887 Jake Smith
1892 Frank Gilhooley
1894 Fred Hofmann
1894 Roy Sanders
1900 Garland Braxton
1900 Lefty Wolf
1905 Danny MacFayden
1908 Mike Kreevich
1910 Frank Demaree
1912 Lloyd Albert (Whitey) Moore
1913 Cal Dorsett
1917 Earl Henry
1920 Johnny Podgajny
1921 Al Verdel
1928 Ken Lehman
1929 Hank Foiles
1933 Ed Palmquist
1938 Johnny Edwards
1947 Ken Singleton
1950 Elias Sosa
1953 Rick Camp
1953 Francisco Barrios
1955 Floyd Bannister
1955 Scott Ullger
1956 Brad Gulden
1956 Randy Johnson
1965 Jim McNamara
1969 Kevin Flora
1973 Julio Manon
1973 Calvin (Pokey) Reese
1978 Carlos Rivera
1980 Jeff Bennett
1983 Matt Chico
1984 Travis Chick
1986 Al Alburquerque
1989 Zoilo Almonte


1891 Jerry Dorgan
1907 Tun Berger
1916 Jack Chapman
1920 Martin Flaherty
1921 Julie Freeman
1923 Bill Annis
1930 Wally Smith
1932 Frank Berkelbach
1933 Jack O’Brien
1934 Les German
1942 Matt Zieser
1948 Hosea Siner
1957 George Rohe
1957 John Slappey
1958 John Vann
1959 Speed Walker
1960 Charlie Fallon
1961 LaRue Kirby
1963 Mike Simon
1967 Pete Fahrer
1968 Curly Brown
1969 Charlie Fuchs
1972 Lefty Phillips
1977 Turk Farrell
1983 Jim Cronin
1989 Joe Stripp
1994 Vic Bradford
1995 Stan Andrews
1998 Jim Hearn
2006 Moe Drabowsky


1912 One day after Tris Speaker’s four for five cycle, Chief Meyers of the Giants repeats the trick and completes the cycle.

1934 Phialdelphia’s Doc Cramer goes 4 for 5 and completes the cycle.

1944 Reds rookie Joe Nuxhall, a few weeks shy of his sixteenth birthday, pitches the ninth inning against the Cardinals. He got the first guy out, but didn’t finish the inning…

1959 Rocky Colavito hits 4 consective homers, driving in six runs, to help the Indians top the Orioles, 11 – 8. He also walked and scored…

1997 Kevin Brown fires a no-hitter to beat the Giants, 9 – 0. Brown’s perfect game ends when he barely nicks Marvin Benard with a pitch in the eighth inning.

1998 Dante Bichette is the first Rockie to hit for the cycle.


1903 The Highlanders acquire infielder Kid Elberfeld from the Tigers for Herman Long and Ernie Courtney.

1961 The White Sox sends Gerry Staley, Stan Johnson, Wes Covington, and Bob Shaw to the Athletics for Andy Carey, Don Larsen, Al Pilarcik, and Ray Herbert.

1976 Detroit purchases Milt Wilcox from the Cubs.

1978 Chicago sends Ron Davis to the Yankees for Ken Holtzman.


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