Baseball History for June 11th

<— JUNE 10     JUNE 12 —>


1858 Pat Friel
1860 Aloysius C. (Pop) Joy
1865 Jim Banning
1872 George Huff
1879 Roger Bresnahan
1884 Allie Strobel
1885 Chris Mahoney
1886 William George (Wheezer) Dell
1886 Claud Derrick
1887 Bill Culp
1892 Archie Yelle
1892 Clarence Woods
1894 Jack Calvo
1894 Walt Whittaker
1896 Charlie Hollocher
1899 Horace Allen
1902 Ernie Nevers
1913 Tom Baker
1919 Earl Jones
1929 Frank Thomas
1939 Jimmy Stewart
1946 Danny Morris
1948 Dave Cash
1958 Mike Fuentes
1959 Mike Davis
1964 Ron Jones
1967 John Doherty
1969 Brian Koelling
1970 Bill Selby
1977 Adam Pettyjohn
1978 Odalis Perez
1980 Yhency Brazoban
1981 Jason Waddell
1982 Bobby Keppel
1982 Josh Newman
1983 Jose Reyes
1987 Ezequiel Carrera
1988 Brock Holt


1912 Leonidas Lee
1918 Mike Hickey
1923 George Hall
1934 Tim Manning
1935 Fred Abbott
1939 John Henry
1951 Tom Leahy
1953 Tex Vache
1957 Fred Raymer
1961 Frank Woodward
1962 Bert Abbey
1962 Nap Kloza
1964 Jack Blott
1968 Bill Regan
1968 Dan Boone
1973 Kemp Wicker
1973 Tom Padden
1973 Bill Burwell
1973 Walt Golvin
1976 Chet Covington
1976 Jim Konstanty
1979 Fred Martin
1980 Rube Marshall
1982 Jack Hallett
1983 Dick Aylward
1993 Jack Conway
1998 Harry Anderson
2001 Lou Lombardo
2009 Freddy Rodriguez
2009 Woodie Held
2012 Dave Boswell
2013 Billy Williams


1911 Heinie Zimmerman drives in nine runs on five hits (two homers) to help the Cubs clobber the Braves, 20 – 2. Zimmerman was the first to drive in nine in the twentieth century.

1938 Johnny Vander Meer tosses a no-hitter, beating the Dodgers in Brooklyn, 3 – 0.

1961 Norm Cash is the first to hit a homer that clears the right field roof in Detroit.

1988 Yankee Rick Rhoden is the first pitcher to be used as the starting DH in a game.

1990 Nolan Ryan throws his sixth no-hitter to blank the Athletics, 5 – 0. He is also the first to throw no-hitters in three different decades.

1995 Rondell White has six hits in seven at bats, scores five runs, and completes the cycle in a 10 – 8 win over the Giants in 13 innings. White tripled to get the cycle, then scored the winning run on a triple by Tim Laker.

2003 The Astros are forced to improvise when starter Roy Oswalt injures his leg. Five other relievers join in and complete a no-hitter to beat the Yankees.


1937 Boston gets Ben Chapman and Bobo Newsom from the Senators for Rick and Wes Ferrell and Mel Almada.

1968 Atlanta sends Clay Carroll, Tony Cloninger and Woody Woodward to the Reds for Milt Pappas, Ted Davidson and Bob Johnson.

1969 Montreal sends Manny Mota and Maury Wills to the Dodgers to get Ron Fairly and Paul Popovich – then sends Popovich to the Cubs for Jack Lamabe and Adolfo Phillips. (I admit it, I was a Paul Popovich fan because, well, as a little kid he had my first name.)


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