Baseball History for June 9th

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1845 Frank Norton

Norton’s claim to fame is that he is major league baseball’s first pinch hitter, replacing Doug Allison who had injured his thumb.

1857 Thomas John (Dude) Esterbrook
1878 Larry Hesterfer
1879 Bill Lauterborn
1886 Bill Cunningham
1887 Clarence Kraft
1890 Harry Glenn
1891 Charlie Kavanagh
1893 Emil Frederick (Irish) Meusel
1893 Mack Wheat
1900 Marty Callaghan
1902 Lee Dunham
1903 Dominic Joseph (Mike) Ryba
1908 Paul Gregory
1911 Frank McCormick
1920 Sal Madrid
1921 Ray Shore
1925 Jim Pearce
1926 Roy Smalley
1931 Bill Virdon
1937 Jake Jacobs
1939 Doug Clemens
1939 Julio Gotay
1943 Bruce Look
1946 Tom Egan
1948 Billy Baldwin
1951 Dave Parker
1956 John Fulgham
1961 Tom Edens
1974 Scarborough Green
1974 Randy Winn
1976 Justin Kaye
1979 Jason Anderson
1980 Mike Fontenot
1981 Drew Anderson
1982 Buck Coats
1983 Danny Richar
1988 Joe Kelly
1988 Zac Rosscup

Oregon native, 28th round pick out of Chemeketa Community College in 2008.  The Rays included him in a trade with Chicago in 2011 (Chris Archer went to the Rays, Matt Garza and Sam Fuld to the Cubs, among others) and in a couple of years, he was getting longer shots with the team.  Unfortunately, his shoulder didn’t cooperate and he lost the 2016 season to recovering from shoulder surgery.  Since then, he’s become a bit of a nomad – Colorado, Los Angeles, Seattle and now Toronto (2019).  He has had a handful of nice moments in the big leagues, though, including closing one game with an immaculate inning for the Dodgers in 2018.


1889 Mike Burke
1917 Jack Fanning
1930 Harry Patton
1934 Charlie Dexter
1936 Charlie Bartson
1937 Bill Watkins
1952 Bob McHale
1958 John Fick
1959 Frank Huelsman
1962 Will Thompson
1972 Del Bissonette
1974 Pat Caraway
1980 Odell Hale
1984 Bobby Rhawn
1995 Zoilo Versalles
1997 Thornton Lee
2009 Bill Lillard
2009 Jack Littrell
2009 Ray Hamrick
2012 Hawk Taylor
2014 Bob Welch
2015 Larry Eschen


1912 Boston’s Tris Speaker completes the cycle in a 9 – 2 win over St. Louis.

1966 Minnesota smacks five homers in the seventh inning (must have been some stretch!). The sluggers? Rich Rollins, Zoilo Versailles, Tony Oliva, Don Mincher, and Harmon Killebrew.

1974 Richie Zisk gets four hits and completes the cycle – and adds five RBI.

2008 Ken Griffey, Jr. hit his 600th homer of Marlin Mark Hendrickson.

2014 Lonnie Chisenhall has a five hit, three homer, nine RBI game in a 17 – 7 Cleveland win over the Rangers.

2015 Giant starter Chris Heston, his his 13th career start, throws a no-hitter to beat the Mets, 5 – 0.


1952 Detroit signed amateur free agent Harvey Kuenn.

1958 The Cubs signed amateur free agent pitcher Ron Perranoski.

1962 Cleveland signed amateur free agent outfielder Lou Piniella.

2009 Draft Day!!! Washigton takes Stephen Strasburgh with the #1 pick. Other first rounders? Dustin Ackley (2, Mariners), Mike Leake (8, Reds), Drew Storen (10, Nationals), Mike Trout (25, Angels). Later picks include: Nolan Arenado (2, Rockies), Jason Kipnis (2, Indians), Wil Myers (3, Royals), Kyle Seager (3, Mariners), Khris Davis (7, Brewers), Paul Goldschmidt (8, Diamondbacks).

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