Baseball History for May 31st

<— MAY 30     JUNE 01 —>


1859 Frederick “Dupee” Shaw
1873 Bill Leith
1879 Bill Foxen
1892 George Smith
1894 John Sullivan
1896 Harry “Socks” Seibold

This is the second one – the first one played with Rube Waddell on the Athletics at the turn of the century – and I think his name was Ralph.

1905 Roy “Peaches” Davis
1912 Dutch Fehring
1938 Ray Washburn
1943 Jackie Brown
1950 Tippy Martinez
1952 Dwight Bernard
1954 Greg Erardi
1955 Larry Owen
1960 Jeff Schaefer
1962 Joe Orsulak
1967 Kenny Lofton
1969 Rikkert Faneyte
1969 Tim Van Egmond
1970 Dilson Torres
1971 Jose Malave
1972 Dave Roberts
1973 Marty Janzen
1975 Mac Suzuki
1981 Jake Peavy
1981 Ray Olmedo
1984 Andrew Bailey
1989 Edgar Ibarra


1893 Bill French
1900 Tom Patterson
1916 Bud Sharpe
1922 John Coleman
1925 Harry Deane
1928 Grant Briggs
1935 Casey Patten
1937 John Reilly
1944 John McKelvey
1947 Jimmie Wilson
1955 Henry Jones
1963 Ernie Sulik
1964 Rabbit Warstler
1970 Zip Zabel
1981 Mike Smith
1985 Jake Early
1986 Dixie McArthur
1987 Jerry Adair
1990 Charlie Shoemaker
1992 Karl Schnell
1995 Norm Brown
2000 Hank Ruszkowski
2014 Jack Dittmer


1914 Joe Benz (today, his nickname would be “Mercedes”) tops the Naps, 6 – 1 without allowing a hit. Three errors (all in the fourth inning) couldn’t have helped the White Sox close the shutout…

1927 John Neun snares a liner, steps on first, and races to second base to complete a rather improbable triple play against Cleveland – the second day in a row with a triple play. Neun’s triple play is special in that it ends the game, 1 – 0, in favor of Detroit.

1937 Carl Hubbell finally loses after 24 straight wins over two seasons. Brooklyn tops the Giants, 10 – 3.

1964 Gaylord Perry pitches ten innings of relief (!) to get the win over the Mets.

1966 One guy who probably wishes he wasn’t there… Rick Reichart fans six times in eight at bats in an extra inning game. Cleveland topped California in 17 innings, 7 – 5.


1902 After prolonged arguing over the theft of various players – the American League had stolen a number of National League players in 1901 and 1902 – Nap Lajoie and Bill Bernhard were allowed to sign and stay with Cleveland in the AL.  Both players were former Philadelphia Phillies who signed with the Philadelphia Athletics at one point – and eventually were “traded” to Cleveland to avoid lawsuits.

1950 Chicago sends Cass Michaels, Johnny Ostrowski and Bob Kuzava to the Senators for Eddie Robinson, Ray Scarborough and Al Kozar.

1955 Kansas City signs bonus baby Clete Boyer.

1978 Seattle signs free agent outfielder Tom Paciorek.

1991 New York sends Tim Teufel to the Padres for Garry Templeton.

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