Baseball History for June 1st

<— MAY 31     JUNE 02 —>


1846 Andy Leonard
1848 William Johnson
1863 John Ewing
1866 George Decker
1869 Les German
1869 Bill Eagan
1869 Ted Breitenstein
1870 Floyd Ritter
1876 Joe Kostal
1879 John Castle
1880 Harry McChesney
1885 Herm Malloy
1885 Jim Duggan
1887 Harry Gardner
1888 Ewart Gladstone “Dixie” Walker
1889 Fuller Thompson
1889 Otto Miller
1890 Tom Long
1891 Hank Severeid
1891 Homer Thompson
1892 Ty Tyson
1893 Eddie Palmer
1893 Guy Morton
1896 Johnny Mostil
1896 Joel Newkirk
1898 Henry Kenneth “Duke” Sedgwick
1899 Al Niehaus
1900 Dutch Schesler
1901 Lou Legett
1901 Fred Stiely
1909 Jo-Jo White
1911 Lou Tost
1915 Bud Metheny
1926 Ray Moore
1931 Hal Smith
1932 Chuck Templeton
1935 Jack Kralick
1935 Hal Kolstad
1936 Jim McKnight
1941 Dean Chance
1942 Randy Hundley
1942 Ken McMullen
1953 Rick Baldwin
1955 Sandy Wihtol
1962 Jessie Reid
1967 James Hurst
1973 Derek Lowe
1977 Brad Wilkerson
1981 Carlos Zambrano
1984 Wilkin Castillo
1988 Francisco Peguero


1900 Charlie Gray
1905 Harry East
1928 Charlie Jordan
1940 Logan Drake
1942 Danny Friend
1954 Vern Duncan
1954 George Caithamer
1957 Pete Schneider
1960 Harry Dean
1962 Jim Faulkner
1966 Dick Cox
1970 George Watkins
1973 Fred Heimach
1980 Rube Marquard
1988 Belve Bean
1994 Bill Webb
1997 Mickey Rocco
2003 Johnny Hopp
2003 Pete Sivess
2006 Eddie Malone
2010 Freddie Burdette


1921 Dave Bancroft smacks four hits and completes the cycle.

1923 The Giants score in all nine innings during a 22 – 8 win over the Phillies.

1937 White Sox starter Bill Dietrich tosses a no-hitter to beat the Browns, 8 – 0. Dietrich walked a pair and fanned five.

1975 Nolan Ryan throws his fourth no-hitter, taking out the Orioles, 1 – 0. Ryan fanned nine and walked four. It was his 100th career win.

2012 He got help and had to throw 134 pitches but Johan Santana became the first Met to throw a no-hitter, beating the Cardinals, 8 – 0. Santana walked five and fanned eight – and a ball hit down the line that was likely fair was ruled foul…

And then Santana was done because his shoulder never really recovered – losing six of his last seven career starts and going on the DL in August.


1913 The Yankees unload Hal Chase on the White Sox for Rollie Zeider and Babe Borton.

1923 The White Sox sign Ted Lyons.

1928 The Athletics sent Jing Johnson and cash to Baltimore for George Earnshaw.

1954 Cleveland sent Bob Chakales to Baltimore for Vic Wertz.

1961 Milwaukee sent Billy Martin to the Twins for Billy Consolo.

1964 Kansas City signed amateur free agent pitcher John Blue Moon Odom.

1965 The first ever major league draft!!! The first player drafted was Rick Monday by the Athletics. Nolan Ryan was an eighth round pick.

1976 Minnesota was forced into trading Bert Blyleven (By Bert), so they sent Bert and Danny Thompson to Texas for Roy Smalley, Bill Singer, Mike Cubbage, Jim Gideon, and $250,000.

1988 Draft Day! First rounders included Andy Benes (Padres, 1), Steve Avery (Braves, 3), Jim Abbott (Angels, 8), Robin Ventura (White Sox (10), and Tino Martinez (Mariners 14). Last signed player in the draft that made the majors? Mike Piazza (Dodgers, 62nd round).

1992 Draft Day! First rounders included Phil Nevin (Astros, 1), Derek Jeter (Yankees, 6), Preston Wilson (Mets, 9), Jason Kendall (23), Charles Johnson (Marlins, 28), and Johnny Damon (Kansas City, 35). Jason Giambi was a second round take. The last signed player to be drafted? Anthony Chavez (Angels, 50th round). Kansas Jayhawk Curtis Schmidt was drafted in the 41st round by the Expos…

1995 Draft Day! First rounders included Darin Erstand (Angels, 1), Kerry Wood (Cubs, 4), Todd Helton (Rockies, 8), and Roy Halladay (Blue Jays, 17). Carlos Beltran was a second rounder, as was Sean Casey. The last chosen player to make the bigs that signed that year? Gabe Kapler (Tigers, 57th round).

2001 Milwaukee sent Marquis Grissom and a player to be named later (Ruddy Lugo) to the Dodgers for Devon White.

2006 Los Angeles sends Cody Ross to Cincinnati for a player to be named later (Ben Kozlowski). I’ve never understood any of the Cody Ross


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