Baseball History for May 29th

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1861 Tony Hellman
1869 Marty Honan
1875 Dave Fultz
1885 Jack Lively
1899 Hal Elliott
1899 Art Reinhart
1901 Jim Stroner
1907 Phil Gallivan
1910 George McQuinn
1915 Vance Dinges
1918 Bill Burich
1919 Al Brancato
1928 Willard Schmidt
1929 Roberto Vargas
1931 John Baumgartner
1938 Dale Willis
1941 John Kennedy
1945 John “Blue Moon” Odom
1945 Clyde Mashore
1946 Dyar Miller
1952 Fred Holdsworth
1953 Mike Dupree
1958 Jamie Allen
1958 Mike Stenhouse
1962 Eric Davis
1965 Charlie Hayes
1967 Bill Risley
1969 Toby Borland
1973 Trever Miller
1975 Sean Spencer
1976 Jerry Hairston
1979 John Rheinecker
1980 Cha-Seung Baek
1982 Matt Macri
1990 Trevor Rosenthal
1991 Steven Matz


1876 Tom Miller
1932 Frank Lobert
1939 William McCarthy
1943 Pat Wright
1949 Doc Scanlan
1952 Doc Lavan
1955 Ray Brown
1959 Johnny Allen
1959 Dutch Ussat
1963 Fred Herbert
1964 Eli Cates
1965 Mike McNally
1966 Hippo Vaughn
1972 Moe Berg
1978 Carl Reynolds
1979 Sig Jakucki
1982 Erv Palica
1985 Billy Zitzmann
1987 Jack Sheehan
1993 Alex Kampouris
2002 Sam Page
2010 Jeriome Robertson


1884 Columbus’ Cannonball Ed Morris fires a no-hitter to beat Pittsburgh, 5
– 0. By the way, Pittsburgh purchased Morris at the end of the season. If
you have never heard of him, neither had I, but he is considered one of the
early great lefty throwers.

1922 A Supreme Court decision says that baseball, being a sport, is exempt
from anti-trust laws.

1928 Bill Terry’s six RBI come courtesy of his four hits – and completes the

1962 Buck O’Neill is signed by the Cubs to be a coach – the first black coach
in the majors.

2000 Former Yankee Randy Velarde snares a Shane Spencer liner, steps on second,
and tags a runner coming from first – completing an unassisted triple play.

2010 Roy Halliday, only 20 days later, duplicates the feat of Dallas Braden
and throws a perfect game to beat the Marlins.


1906 Washington purchases Daredevil Dave Altizer from Lancaster in the Ohio-Penn League… Loved that nickname.

1922 The White Sox send three players and cash to San Fran of the PCL for Willie Kamm.

1925 The Yankees send three players and cash to St. Paul of the AA for Mark Koenig.

1931 The Cubs get Rollie Hemsley from the Pirates for Earl Grace.

1939 Philadelphia sends Claude Passeau to the Cubs for Kirby Higbe, Ray Harrell, and Joe Marty.

1965 San Fran sends Ed Bailey, Harvey Kuenn and Bob Hendley to the Cubs for Dick Bertell and Len Gabrielson.

1971 The Reds get outfielder George Foster from the Giants for Frank Duffy and Vern Geishart.

1981 The Mets get Ellis Valentine from the Expos for Jeff Reardon and Dan Norman.


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