Baseball History for May 28th

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1867 Pearce Chiles
1867 John Lyston
1868 John Bates
1881 James Ward “King” Brady
1887 Jim Thorpe
1889 Jim Middleton
1896 Warren Giles
1898 Claude Davenport
1899 Bob Rice
1900 Bill Barrett
1901 Norm Lehr
1907 Marv Olson
1910 Willard Hershberger

Committed suicide – horrible tragedy – midseason in 1940.

1913 Dean Thomas
1918 Bob Harvey
1918 Bob Malloy
1919 Art Lopatka
1919 Steve Nagy
1923 Bob Kuzava
1926 Frank Saucier
1932 Carl Thomas
1934 Bobby Smith
1942 Richard Lee “Buddy” Booker
1946 Alfred Henry “Skip” Jutze
1950 Jim Cox
1953 Rafael Landestoy
1956 Randy Martz
1957 Kirk Gibson
1957 Tom Grant
1958 Ed Olwine
1958 Bill Doran
1959 Steve Jeltz
1964 Duane Ward
1966 Mike Maksudian
1969 Mike Difelice
1972 Joe Rosselli
1972 Tilson Brito
1977 Alex Hernandez
1979 Ryota Igarashi
1981 Leo Rosales
1981 Daniel Cabrera
1982 Jhonny Peralta
1983 Humberto Sanchez
1983 Cory Wade
1988 Craig Kimbrel
1988 Justin Bour
1988 Lester Oliveros
1988 Ryan Court
1990 Matt Stites
1990 Aaron Northcraft
1994 Ryan Burr
1996 Nate Fisher
1998 Huascar Ynoa


1919 Jack Wanner

Wanner died of an undisclosed illness (per the newspapers).  Born in Geneseo, IL, George Curtis Wanner played in the Three-I League (and a bunch of other leagues) in a ten year minor league career.  After a pretty solid season with Hartford in the Eastern League, he was given a chance by the New York Yankees in 1909.  In his two games, he reached base three times – twice by walks and once with a hit.  Before and after his baseball career, he worked at the Rock Island (IL) Armory until the early part of 1909 when he fell ill.  He died at the home of his in-laws (his parents,  had moved to Canada) leaving behind a wife (June Bernice Fritts) and five siblings.

1929 Ollie Beard
1930 Hal Carlson
1935 Charlie Sullivan
1942 Mike Welday
1942 Charley Bassett
1943 Henri Rondeau
1958 Kid Nance
1958 Oscar Davis
1959 Ken Penner
1961 Fred Smith
1962 George Anderson
1963 Paddy Mayes
1969 Gus Getz
1972 Bob Hasty
1972 Al Gerheauser
1986 Paul Florence
1986 Taylor Douthit
1989 Gaston Lewis
1991 Roy Cullenbine
1992 Charley Schanz
1993 Fats Dantonio
2002 Wes Westrum
2011 Bill Harris
2012 Harry Parker
2015 Skeeter Kell
2018 Chuck Stevens


1979 George Brett collects five hits in seven at bats – two homers – and completes the cycle.  The last homer beats the Orioles in extra innings.


1952 The Yankees sign amateur free agent Marv Throneberry.

1958 The Braves sign amateur free agent Tommie Aaron.

1960 St. Louis sends Vinegar Bend Mizell and Dick Gray to the Pirates for Julian Javier and Ed Bauta.

1962 Boston signs amateur free agent George Scott.

1970 Atlanta sends Lee Thomas to the Cubs for Ted Abernathy.

1975 Atlanta sends Ron Reed and (eventually) Wayne Nordhagen to the Cardinals for Ray Sadecki and Elias Sosa.


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