Baseball History for August 18th

<— AUG 17     AUG 19 —>


1855 Edward Cramer
1857 Sam Wise
1862 Harry Koons
1868 Harry Keener
1872 Eddie Hickey
1874 Henry Risk (Dick) Harley
1876 Gus Dorner
1889 Bill Brady
1890 George Daniel (Buck) Weaver
1891 Wally Gerber
1893 William Marriott
1893 Bernie Duffy
1893 Burleigh Grimes
1897 Jonathan (Mandy) Brooks
1898 Bill Knowlton
1898 Hal Goldsmith
1899 Bernie Friberg
1908 Jim Peterson
1913 Tommy Heath
1915 Max Lanier
1920 Bob Kennedy
1927 Roger Bowman
1934 Roberto Clemente
1934 Billy Consolo
1935 Bob Humphreys
1939 Joe (The Immortal) Azcue
1940 Paul Popovich
1944 Mike Ferraro
1946 Jim Magnuson
1947 Lowell Palmer
1947 Charles Henry (Bucky) Guth
1949 Charlie Hudson
1955 Bruce Benedict
1958 Don Crow
1958 Bob James
1959 Terry Blocker
1960 Mike LaValliere
1961 Jack Howell
1962 Scott Arnold
1965 Marcus Lawton
1966 Bob Zupcic
1970 Bobby Higginson
1971 Albie Lopez
1974 Jayson Durocher
1974 Chris Stowers
1976 Brian Bowles
1978 Kevin Barry
1978 Matt Hensley
1980 Jason Perry
1981 Pat Misch
1982 Josh Rupe
1986 Tony Cruz
1986 Evan Gattis
1986 Andrew Taylor
1987 Justin Wilson
1989 Daniel Webb
1990 Yimi Garcia
1990 Eric Yardley
1992 Austin Hedges


1893 Ed Dundon
1932 Candy LaChance
1934 Doc Potts
1958 Archie Stimmel
1961 John Leary
1971 Jim McCloskey
1976 Walt Irwin
1978 George Harper
2018 Ozzie Van Brabant
2019 Paul Smith


1910 Rickwood Field in Birminham opens – the oldest park still used in baseball. It’s two seasons older than Fenway Park and four seasons older than Wrigley Field.

1914 Braves Field opens in Boston – the first to have more than 40,000 seats. (The Braves topped the Cards, 3 – 1.

1960 Lew Burdette blanks the Philles as the Braves win, 1 – 0. In completing his no-hitter, Burdette hit Tony Gonzalez with a pitch in the fifth inning (the only base runner), but got out of it with a double play.

1967 Tony Conigliaro is hit in the face with a Jack Hamilton fastball, shattering a cheekbone. It essentially ends Conigliaro’s career.

2007 How’s this for a pitcher helping his cause? Micah Owings gives up just three hits in seven innings – but he had four hits himself, including two homers, and drove in six runs. Arizona wins 12 – 6 over the Braves.


1903 The Giants, on a spending spree, acquire Art Devlin from Newark of the Eastern League.

1915 Detroit sends Baby Doll Jacobson and cash to the Browns for pitcher Bill James. I mention this because this is the OTHER Bill James, and not the guy who was really good for Boston in the NL… He was, though, a competent pitcher at the time.

1930 The Cubs pick up High Pockets Kelly, who had been sent down to Minneapolis, for a player to be named later (Chick Tolson). Kelly, just about done as a major leaguer, would hit .331 for the Cubs down the stretch, so it worked out okay.

1995 Los Angeles sent two minor leaguers to the Mets for Brett Butler.

2010 The Cubs sent Derrek Lee to the Braves for three minor leaguers.

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