Baseball History for August 13th

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1858 Charles F. (Fatty) Briody
1865 Hercules Burnett
1868 Harry Ely
1869 Jack Sharrott
1871 Fielder Jones
1884 Charles J. (Hack) Schumann
1884 George Perring
1886 Wingo Anderson
1886 Thomas Edward (Lefty) George
1888 Frank Gordon (Limb) McKenry
1889 Henry Antone (Cotton) Knaupp
1903 Steve Swetonic
1906 Carlos Moore
1906 Art Shires
1906 Cliff Garrison
1906 Kemp Wicker
1907 George Susce
1910 Lou Finney
1913 Wes Flowers
1917 Sid Gordon
1918 Elmer Weingartner
1930 Wilmer David (Vinegar Bend) Mizell
1930 Bob Wiesler
1933 Bob Giggie
1935 James Timothy (Mudcat) Grant
1938 Bill Stafford
1940 Tony Cloninger
1941 Jim French
1947 Fred Stanley
1948 Erskine Thomason
1949 Andre Thornton
1950 Rusty Gerhardt
1955 Odie Davis
1959 Tom Niedenfuer
1963 Jeff Ballard
1963 Dennis Powell
1964 Gary Cooper
1964 Tom Prince
1964 Jay Buhner
1965 Mark Lemke
1969 Alex Fernandez
1970 Eddie Gaillard
1974 Jarrod Washburn
1974 Scott MacRae
1977 Will Ohman
1979 Jon Switzer
1979 Corey Patterson
1979 Roman Colon
1980 Jonah Bayliss
1981 Cory Doyne
1981 Randy Messenger
1983 Dallas Braden
1984 Boone Logan
1985 Scott Elbert
1987 Dustin Garneau
1987 J. J. Hoover
1988 Brandon Workman
1990 Hansel Robles
1990 Joe Ortiz
1991 Randal Grichuk
1992 Taijuan Walker
1997 Colby Allard


1936 Irv Hach
1940 Buck Stanley
1948 Nig Perrine
1952 Hal Haid
1967 Mike Hechinger
1968 Lefty Guise
1972 Herman Besse
1972 George Weiss
1980 Tom Miller
1983 Charlie Gilbert
1988 Mel Almada
1995 Mickey Mantle
1996 Ray Shore
1998 Rafael Robles
2001 Jim Hughes
2002 Jack Creel
2003 Charlie Devens
2007 Ox Miller
2007 Phil Rizzuto
2012 Johnny Pesky


1902 – In game two of a double header, Philadelphia’s Harry Davis stole first base. Here’s how the story was told in the Detroit Free Press the next day (Page 3).

“A peculiar play was made by Harry Davis in the sixth inning. He was on first and Fultz was on third with two out. Davis went down to draw a throw andd allow Fultz to come in. Dave did not have a lead and Davis safely reached second. Then, to the surprise of every one, he ran back to first, and it is probably the first time in the history of the game that first base was stolen. He then made another break towards second, drawing a throw which let in Fultz.”

So – the double steal was on, but Fultz missed the sign and never stole home. Davis stole first to try again, and then another double steal was called for – Davis drew a throw and Fultz stole home. Crazy.

1969 Oriole ace Jim Palmer no hits Oakland, 8 – 0. He had just come off the disabled list earlier in the week.

1979 Lou Brock singles off the Cubs (literally – off the hand of Dennis Lamp) for his 3000th hit.


1907 Pittsburgh purchases Babe Adams from Denver of the Western League.

1986 Minnesota sends Ron Davis and minor leaguer Dewayne Coleman to the Cubs for Ray Fontenot, George Frazier, and minor leaguer Julius McDougal.

Frazier had complained that Harry Caray’s disparaging commentary about Frazier’s pitching contributed to his struggles and was happy to leave.

2004 Los Angeles signs amateur free agent (slugger) Carlos Santana.

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