Baseball History for August 12th

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1848 Samuel B. (Pony) Sager
1866 Tom Dowse
1867 Dan Lally
1868 Charlie Bell
1868 Jerry Harrington
1870 Ed Scott
1871 Andy Dunning
1879 Watty Lee
1880 Christy Mathewson
1887 Marc Hall
1887 Erv Lange
1889 Ted Goulait
1891 Bill Lathrop
1892 Ray Schalk
1893 John Michaelson
1894 Paul Carpenter
1899 Bill Black
1900 Spence Harris
1905 Don Hurst
1909 Arthur William (Skinny) Graham
1912 Harlond Clift
1918 Charlie Gassaway
1919 Fred Hutchinson
1921 Lefty Wallace
1927 Charlie White
1928 Bob Buhl
1935 Ken McBride
1936 Ellis Burton
1936 Tom McAvoy
1956 Bobby Bonner
1958 Robert Lee (Rusty) McNealy
1962 Dave Pavlas
1962 Urbano Lugo
1963 Kent Anderson
1965 Barry Manuel
1965 Joe Millette
1966 Dean Hartgraves
1968 Reggie Harris
1968 Tony Longmire
1973 Gene Stechschulte
1974 Shane Monahan
1974 Matt Clement
1975 Luis Ordaz
1976 Lew Ford
1976 Ismael Villegas
1978 Michel Hernandez
1979 D. J. Houlton
1985 Zack Cozart
1985 Jhonatan Solano
1988 Jake Dunning
1988 Jhan Marinez
1988 Jose Tabata
1989 Kyle Lobstein
1990 Ryan Weber
1991 Chris Owings
1993 Hunter Wood
1994 Ian Happ

Casey and I were at the game where Happ batted leadoff for the Cubs on Opening Day in Miami and started the season with a homer.

1996 Julio Urias


1888 Favel Wordsworth

So obscure is Favel’s story that your baseball encyclopedia doesn’t know his birthday and they list his name as Wordsworth even though he played as Wadsworth.

1920 Elmer Horton
1932 Jake Boyd
1934 Ed Andrews
1939 Jack Darragh
1948 Billy Graulich
1951 Paul McSweeney
1956 Warren Miller
1959 Johnny Burnett
1959 Mike O’Neill
1959 Ed Goebel
1960 Leo Murphy
1963 Dick Braggins
1971 Shorty Dee
1975 Lew Riggs
1981 George Lyons
1990 Fay Thomas
1991 Chick Starr
1997 Rex Barney
2002 Enos Slaughter
2006 Junior Wooten
2008 George Gick
2011 Ernie Johnson
2014 Gordon MacKenzie
2017 Paul Casanova


1948 Cleveland sets a major league record when fourteen different players get a hit in a 26 – 3 win over the Browns. All told, Cleveland gets 29 hits.

1974 Nolan Ryan ties the major league record (since broken) by striking out 19 Red Sox batters in a 4 – 2 win.

1984 Atlanta and San Diego have one of the greatest days of fighting when Pascual Perez plunks Alan Wiggins to open the game. The rest of the day, San Diego pitchers aim at Perez – leading to a huge brawl in the second inning, and smaller skirmishes in three other innings.

1994 Players went on strike; owners didn’t try to stop them. Baseball would lose the opportunity to see two players vie for a triple crown (Frank Thomas, Albert Belle) and Matt Williams or Ken Griffey make a run at Roger Maris’ home run record. And we lost a World Series.

2001 Greg Maddux finally walks a batter after 72.1 innings. Bobby Cox asked Maddux to intentionally walk Steve Finley.

2018 The Cubs infielder David Bote, as a pinch hitter, launches a grand slam to beat the Nationals, 4 – 3. It’s the first time since 1959 that anyone hit a pinch hit grand slam to overcome a three run deficit to win a game.


1927 The Yankees sent $125,000 for Lyn Lary and Jimmie Reese.

Neither played for the Yankees right away – it was a tough lineup to crack… Lary gave the Yankees a few good years at short before his batting average fell by 60 points. At least he had a 12 year major league career. Reese had a good half year in 1930 and by 1932 was gone. Reese’s claim to fame was being Ruth’s roommate on roadtrips. He was once quoted as saying “I roomed with Ruth’s suitcase.”

(Thanks, for the extra note.)

1940 Cincinnati signed catcher Jimmie Wilson.

Wilson was about 40, but after the death of Willard Hershberger and injuries to Ernie Lombardi, the Reds needed help behind the plate. Wilson wound up one of the heroes of the 1940 World Series.

1987 Atlanta sends Doyle Alexander to Detroit for John Smoltz.

Alexander was nearly perfect for the Tigers, helping Detroit to win the division. Smoltz, of course, had a Hall of Fame career as a starter and reliever for Altanta (and a few other teams down the stretch).

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