Baseball History for August 8th

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1859 Hal McClure
1861 John (Jocko) Milligan
1864 Thomas H. (Toad) Ramsey
1865 Henry Fournier
1865 Billy Gumbert
1867 Clarence Lemuel (Cupid) Childs
1870 Dan Leahy
1875 Ernie Baker
1884 James Hiren (Hi) West
1889 Al Cypert
1889 Jimmy Esmond
1891 Walter Francis (Chick) Keating
1893 Jack Smith
1897 Ken Holloway
1897 Charlie Eckert
1898 John Slappey
1903 Clise Dudley
1906 Forest Charles (Tot) Pressnell
1913 Cecil Travis
1917 Ken Raffensberger
1918 Charles Emory (Red) Roberts
1918 Marlin Stuart
1927 Johnny Temple
1928 Vern Morgan
1932 Vicente Amor
1936 Frank Howard
1943 Jim Miles
1947 Jose Cruz
1952 Greg Mahlberg
1952 Mike Ivie
1953 Al Woods
1954 Mark Ross
1956 Cliff Speck
1957 Ray Fontenot
1958 Alan Fowlkes
1959 Dave Meier
1963 Ron Karkovice
1963 Brett Gideon
1966 John Hudek
1967 Kevin Belcher
1967 Matt Whiteside
1969 Ray Montgomery
1975 Chad Meyers
1977 Jeremy Hill
1978 Brian Sanches
1978 Alexis Gomez
1980 Jack Cassel
1980 Craig Breslow
1981 Eddy Rodriguez
1982 Ross Ohlendorf
1982 Donny Lucy
1982 Matthew Brown
1985 Deunte Heath
1985 Blake Wood
1989 Anthony Rizzo
1989 Greg Garcia
1991 Yandy Diaz


1889 Harry McCormick
1895 Ed Colgan
1911 Joe Walsh
1913 John Gaffney
1927 Billy Gilbert
1929 Dan Minnehan
1932 Steve Bellan
1933 Bill Irwin
1934 Wilbert Robinson
1941 Ralph Works
1952 Bob Neighbors
1958 Fred Winchell
1959 Phil Lewis
1974 Howie Pollet
1977 Tod Dennehey
1980 Allan Collamore
1982 Al Gould
1984 Bert Hamric
1997 Oad Swigart
1999 Harry Walker
2004 Pete Center
2005 Gene Mauch
2006 Dino Restelli
2009 Cal Ermer
2014 Red Wilson
2016 Mike Brumley


1976 The White Sox take the field in shorts – they split a doubleheader with Kansas City. The first game, wearing shorts, the Sox win. The second game, with the Sox wearing long pants, went to the Royals.

1988 Wrigley Field is lit up – the first night game in the venerable old park is played, but only for three innings. Rain.

(An hour or so after the game is called, I piled into my loaded 1988 Toyota Corolla and headed off to college at the University of Kansas.)


1913 The Yankees paid $12,000 and sent two players, Ezra Midkiff and Bert Daniels, to Baltimore of the International League for Fritz Maisel.

1914 The White Sox sent $12,000 and (later) Andrew Slight to Milwaukee of the American Association for Happy Felsch.

1926 The Giants sent Hack Wilson and (later) Pip Koehler to Toledo of the American Association for Earl Webb.

1990 Pittsburgh sent Willie Greene, Scott Ruskin, and (later) Moises Alou to the Expos for Zane Smith.

1996 Texas sent Ryan Demptster and (later) Rick Helling to the Marlins for John Burkett.

1997 The Mets sent Lance Johnson and (later) Manny Alexander to the Cubs for Brian McRae, Turk Wendell, and Mel Rojas.

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