Baseball History for July 28th

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1863 Ed Carfrey
1865 Bob Wood
1867 Charles H. (Duke) Esper
1867 Bill Day
1877 Willie Garoni
1886 Hank Perry
1887 George Daly
1890 Elmer Miller
1891 Joe Mathes
1893 Charles Wilber (Bullet) Rogan
1894 John Glaiser
1898 Paul McCullough
1901 Freddie Fitzsimmons
1903 George Gerken
1906 Ray Dobens
1911 Joe Martin
1921 Ben Steiner
1929 Ted Lepcio
1931 Gus Keriazakos
1935 Ernie Bowman
1943 Dick Simpson
1943 Ron Theobald
1949 Vida Blue
1953 Jerry Maddox
1953 Mark Williams
1960 Carmelo Martinez
1964 Bob Milacki
1964 Terry Taylor
1966 Derek Lee
1975 Chad Paronto
1985 Henry Sosa
1986 Darin Ruf
1987 Jae-gyun Hwang
1991 Caleb Smith
1993 Drew Jackson
1994 Walker Buehler
1995 Jorge Alcala


1905 Jim Tray
1913 John Greenig
1917 Whitey Ritterson
1938 Bill Morgan
1940 Red Ehret
1940 Stan Yerkes
1954 Jim Bagby
1955 Rudy Bell
1958 Lu Blue
1959 Frank Ragland
1960 Ken Landenberger
1960 Marty Kavanagh
1961 John Grim
1971 Harry Wolfe
1971 Myril Hoag
1982 Lefty Wallace
1986 Cliff Melton
1986 Joe Oeschger
1990 Red Barrett
1997 Bud Hardin
1999 Ed Cole
2001 John Easton
2002 Bud Souchock
2002 Hal Spindel
2013 George Scott
2013 Drungo Hazewood
2013 Frank Castillo


1976 Former Athletic John “Blue Moon” Odom and Francisco Barrios combine to threw a no hitter allowing the White Sox to beat Oakland, 2 – 1. Odom’s 5 inning win was a bit wild; he allowed nine walks but he got two double plays behind him.

1993 Ken Griffey’s homer off Willie Banks marks the eighth straight game where the Kid hit a round-tripper.

That same day, Anthony Young won a game in relief for the Mets, ending a 27-game losing streak that had lasted 81 appearances and a near even split of losses as a starter (14) and reliever (13).


1915 The Giants purchased George (High Pockets) Kelly from Victoria of the Northwest League for $1200.

1916 Philadelphia signed amateur free agent Charlie Grimm.

1928 Philadephia acquired Chuck Klein from Fort Wayne of the Central League by sending Fort Wayne Harvey MacDonald.

1995 Toronto sent David Cone to the Yankees for Marty Janzen and two minor leaguers.

2000 Cleveland sends Richie Sexson, Paul Rigdon, Kane Davis, and (later) Marco Scutaro to the Brewers for Jason Bere, Bob Wickman, and Steve Woodard.

2006 Milwaukee sends Nelson Cruz and Carlos Lee to Texas for Francisco Cordero, Kevin Mench, Laynce Nix, and Julian Cordero.

2011 The Mets send Carlos Beltran to the Giants for Zack Wheeler.

2015 Colorado sends Troy Tulowitzki and LaTroy Hawkins to the Blue Jays for Jose Reyes, Jeff Hoffman, Miguel Castro, and Jesus Tinoco.

Meanwhile, Oakland sends Ben Zobrist and money to the Royals for Sean Manaea and Aaron Brooks.

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