Baseball History for July 27th

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1849 Davy Force
1851 Henry Kessler (possibly 1847 or 1848)
1853 Frank Berkelbach
1856 Charlie Robinson
1860 Welday Walker
1861 Jim Lillie
1874 Tom Messitt
1875 Fred Ketchum
1876 John Morris (Moose) Baxter
1880 Henry Cooke (Irish) McIlveen
1880 Jack Doscher
1880 Joe Tinker
1882 Harry Clinton (Huck) Wallace
1883 Harry Kane
1884 Charley Hall
1886 George Yantz
1889 Cal Crum
1896 George Kopshaw
1896 George Elvin (Rube) Walberg
1897 James Raleigh (Biz) Mackey
1898 James Wren (Zack) Taylor
1898 Benny Bengough
1899 Jim Faulkner
1905 Rudy Leopold
1905 Leo Durocher
1907 Ed Carroll
1915 Dick Kimble
1917 Bill Sayles
1923 Ray Boone
1928 Charlie Bicknell
1932 Johnny Kucks
1935 John Edelman
1936 Don Lock
1942 Jack Hiatt
1945 Larry Biittner
1952 Rich Dauer
1952 Elliott Taylor (Bump) Wills
1954 Brian Kingman
1955 Len Barker
1955 Shane Rawley
1957 Floyd Rayford
1959 Joe DeSa
1961 Nelson Santovenia
1968 Tom Goodwin
1971 Shane Bowers
1973 Enrique Wilson
1974 Brian Sikorski
1975 Shea Hillenbrand
1975 Alex Rodriguez
1977 Kyle Denney
1980 Felix Diaz
1984 Max Scherzer
1984 Tsuyoshi Nishioka
1986 Elih Villanueva
1986 Ryan Flaherty
1987 Preston Guilmet
1988 Yoervis Medina
1991 Wandy Peralta
1992 Vincente Campos
1993 Nick Dini
1995 Brad Keller
1995 Foster Griffin
1995 Adalberto Mondesi


1888 Ed Cogswell
1902 Packy Dillon
1910 Theodore Conover
1917 John Schappert
1922 Nig Cuppy
1924 Bob Dresser
1938 Milt Reed
1940 Tom Williams
1948 Joe Tinker
1958 Art Corcoran
1958 Phil Page
1961 Jack Little
1963 Hooks Dauss
1964 Dominic Mulrenan
1965 Harry Lunte
1968 Howie Storie
1968 Jack Redmond
1968 Babe Adams
1969 Glenn Elliott
1970 Whitey Platt
1975 Fred Sherry
1977 Billy Holm
1985 Carl Yowell
1985 Smoky Joe Wood
1986 Bud Hafey
1987 Travis Jackson
1992 Salty Parker
1995 Rick Ferrell
1997 Hardin Cathey
1998 Bill Tuttle
2003 Rinty Monahan
2008 Russ Gibson
2009 Luis Quintana
2011 Hideki Irabu
2014 George Freese
2016 Doug Griffin
2019 Mike Roarke


1930 Ken Ash got a win in relief for the Reds with a one pitch relief effort that got three outs.

With Hack Wilson on third and Danny Taylor on first, Charlie Grimm hit a grounder to second. Hod Ford fired to the plate, Wilson returned toward third, and Clyde Sukeforth and Tony Cuccinello got Wilson out in a pickle. Grimm made the turn at first base, and Sukeforth quickly threw to first where Joe Stripp applied the tag. That left Danny Taylor – who tried to go to third on the throw that got Grimm. Stripp made a fine throw to third and Taylor was out. Triple play.

The Reds then rallied to take the lead in the next inning – Ash got the win in relief.

Ryder, Jack. “Reds Display All Brands of Baseball to Defeat Cubs,” Cincinnati Enquirer, 28 July 1930, Sporting Section, Page 1.

It’s two grand slams in one game day!

In 1946, Rudy York helps the Red Sox clobber the Browns.

In 2009, Josh Willingham helps the Nationals clock the Brewers.

1988 Tommy John commits three errors on the same play – bobbling a grounder, throwing the ball into right field, and then messing up a relay throw – which allowed two runs to score.

2011 Ervin Santana holds Cleveland without a hit in a 3 – 1 win for the Angels.


1945 The Cubs purchased Hank Bowory from the Yankees for $97,000.

1988 Texas signed amateur free agent catcher Ivan Rodriguez.

2001 Tampa sent Fred McGriff to the Cubs for Manny Aybar and (later) Jason Smith.

2011 St. Louis sent Trever Miller, Colby Rasmus, Brian Tallet and P.J. Walters to the Blue Jays for Octavio Dotel, Corey Patterson, Mark Rzepczynski and the just acquired Edwin Jackson.

2012 Milwaukee sent Zack Greinke to the Angels for Jean Segura, Ariel Pena, and Johnny Hellweg.

2017 Kansas City sent Mike Moustakas to the Brewers for Brett Phillips and Jorge Lopez.

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