Baseball History for July 10th

<— JULY 09     JULY 11 —>


1855 Jim Hart
1859 Ed Dundon
1864 Ed Conley
1864 Jimmy McAleer
1865 Bobby Lowe
1867 Bob Allen
1874 Gus Dundon
1876 John Puhl
1882 John Herman (Dutch) Rudolph
1888 Harry Spratt
1894 Jim Walsh
1896 Bill Schindler
1899 Wally Kopf
1903 Johnny Niggeling
1906 Ad Liska
1906 Hal McKain
1907 John Michaels
1915 George Dickey
1917 Hugh Alexander
1918 Chuck Stevens
1919 Dain Clay
1926 Harry MacPherson
1928 John Glenn
1937 Larry Burright
1938 Mike Brumley
1940 Pete Craig
1940 Gene Alley
1945 Hal McRae
1948 Rich Hand
1951 Bob Bailor
1954 Andre Dawson
1956 Vance McHenry
1965 Buddy Groom
1967 Lee Stevens
1969 Marty Cordova
1978 Sam Marsonek
1979 Tyrell Godwin
1980 Jesse Foppert
1986 Byung Ho Park
1987 Johnny Giavotella
1987 Jermaine Curtis
1987 Greg Infante
1988 Ryan Wheeler
1989 Will Smith
1989 Scott Alexander
1990 John Lamb
1993 David Hess
1993 Jalen Beeks
1993 Chad Sobotka
1994 Josh Rogers


1897 Kid Baldwin
1922 Harvey Bailey
1923 Joe Stabell
1935 Paul Hines
1944 Tom Walker
1945 Bill Barnes
1949 Red Downey
1951 Bobby Messenger
1956 Joe Giard
1960 Harry Redmond
1967 Skinny Graham
1968 Allie Moulton
1971 Wally Judnich

Taken by cancer at 54.

1986 Harl Maggert
1988 Ernie Nevel
1990 Henry Coppola
1992 Walt Masters
1997 Dwight Lowry

Lowry was a backup catcher to Lance Parrish in Detroit for the bulk of his career, then became a coach and manager in the Tigers farm system.  He had just carried out the trash when he had a massive heart attack.  According to his father, Lowry had heart problems diagnosed (inflammation) when he was in college at UNC.

Guidi, Gene. “Ex-Tiger Lowry dies; he managed Class A club”, Detroit Free Press, 11 July 1997, Sports Section, Page 1.

2001 Tony Criscola
2004 Art Rebel
2006 Angel Fleitas
2008 Steve Mingori
2010 Ed Palmquist
2010 Johnny Van Cuyk
2019 Jim Bouton


1911 Phillies outfielder Sherry Magee is suspended for the rest of the season (appealed down to 36 games) for clocking umpire Bill Finneran. It was a one-punch kayo…

1934 Carl Hubbell’s All Star Game outing includes fanning Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Jimmy Foxx, Al Simmons, and Joe Cronin consecutively.

1936 Chuck Klein’s tenth inning homer helps beat the Pirates in Forbes Field, 9 – 6. It was his fourth homer of the game…

1947 Cleveland’s Don Black fires a no-hitter to beat the Athletics, 3 – 0.

2009 Giants starter Jonathan Sanchez throws a no-hitter to beat San Diego, 8 – 0.


1979 Philadelphia traded a player to be named later to the White Sox for Jack Kucek. That player was Jim Morrison, who turned into a pretty good major league player for about a decade.

1980 Pittsburgh signs amateur free agent Rafael Belliard.

2009 The Mets send Ryan Church to the Braves for Jeff Francoeur.

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