Baseball History for July 9th

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1851 James (Red) Woodhead
1854 John Cullen
1859 Fred Tenney
1865 Jimmy Cooney
1871 Jack Egan
1874 Dan Kerwin
1874 Jack Powell
1875 Pete McBride
1881 Leon Mark (Biddy) Dolan
1883 Dave Shean
1885 Charles Lincoln (Buck) Herzog
1887 Bill McCorry
1889 Jack Boyle
1891 Jim Scoggins
1893 Turner Barber
1893 Tony Faeth
1893 Harry Eccles
1895 Joe Gleason
1896 Carl Holling
1897 Glenn Myatt
1899 Fred Johnston
1901 Lou Polli
1904 Art Daney
1906 Johnny Vergez
1909 Jimmy Shevlin
1910 Ray Thomas
1915 Tony Criscola
1916 Ned Harris
1929 Wally Post
1931 Gene Fodge
1932 Truman Eugene (Tex) Clevenger
1932 Bud Black
1932 Orville Inman (Coot) Veal
1933 Ray Rippelmeyer
1937 Gordon MacKenzie
1943 Mike Andrews
1944 Hal Haydel
1944 Roland Thomas (Sonny) Jackson
1946 George Stone
1949 Steve Luebber
1955 Willie Wilson
1956 Guy Hoffman
1963 Mark Higgins
1974 Tom Evans
1981 Tommy Hottovy
1983 Robert Manuel
1983 Miguel Montero
1987 Rusney Castillo
1993 Oscar Hernandez
1993 James Bourque
1993 Jace Fry


1893 Tom Terrell
1901 Sy Studley
1914 Ossee Schrecongost (Tuberculosis)

Ossee was Rube Waddell’s catcher for much of his career, including their first game with Louisville in 1897 and their days in Philadelphia from about 1902 to 1907. Rube passed away three months earlier of the same disease.

1919 Aleck Smith
1924 Bill McCloskey
1929 Pete Cassidy
1938 George Dickerson
1951 Huck Wallace
1951 Harry Heilmann
1956 Buddy Ryan
1962 Moose McCormick
1966 Mule Suttles
1968 Hap Collard
1971 Mike Konnick
1974 Leo Mangum
1976 Tom Yawkey (Leukemia)

There are some who believe that Yawkey’s plaque in the Hall of Fame should be removed given his legacy of racism as owner of the Red Sox. The street named after him near Fenway Park has already been renamed.

1984 Charlie Uhlir
1986 Red Lucas
1997 Stan Rojek
2001 Al Lary
2004 Tony Lupien
2008 Don Eaddy
2009 Jessie Hollins
2010 Frank Verdi
2012 Chick King
2014 Don Lenhardt
2014 Bill Koski
2018 Sammy Esposito
2019 Glenn Mickens


1969 Tom Seaver’s bid for a perfect game is crushed when Cubs pinch hitter Jim Qualls lines a single past the pitcher into center. The greatest Met would get a no-hitter nine years later with the Reds.

2002 Bud Selig declares the All Star Game a tie after eleven innings. Both teams scored seven runs.

2011 Derek Jeter homers off David Price for his 3000th career hit – he’d have five hits on the day.


1898 Louisville purchases first baseman Harry Davis from Pittsburgh. Davis would find greater fame a few years later with Connie Mack and the Athletics.

1909 The White Sox acquired Lena Blackburne from Providence of the Eastern League for two players (Jake Atz, Mike Welday) and $6,500 – all of which were sent later…

1912 The White Sox purchased Eddie Cicotte from the Red Sox.

According to the Boston Globe, Cicotte wasn’t interested in joining the White Sox unless he got a portion of the sale price and a promise that he’d paid the value of the Boston bonus should Boston win the World Series (which Boston won over the Giants).

(“Cicotte Sold To Chicago.”, Boston Globe, 10 July 1912, Page 7.)

It took about four days to iron out the details, but Cicotte reported to the White Sox and resumed a fine (and flawed) career.

1914 Boston spends at least $25,000 to purchase Ernie Shore, Ben Egan, and pitcher George Ruth from Baltimore. That Ruth fellow would help the Red Sox win two World Series as a pitcher, and then turn into a pretty good hitter…

1960 The Los Angeles Dodgers released pitcher Tom Lasorda. He’d come back – but only would pitch batting practice…

1986 The Yankees send Ed Whitson to San Diego for Tim Stoddard.

2010 Seattle sends Cliff Lee and Mark Lowe to Texas for Justin Smoak, Josh Lueke, Blake Beavan, and Matt Lawson.

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