Baseball History for December 19th

<— DEC 18     DEC 20 —>


1859 Willis Wyman

Maine native whose only tour with a major league was in the Union Association, both Kansas City and the Chicago/Pittsburgh franchise.

1864 Mike Drissel
1874 Welcome Gaston
1875 Christopher Andy (Burley) Bayer
1875 James Francis (Kid) O’Hara
1882 Paul Krichell
1886 Henry John (Doc) McMahon
1887 Art Butler
1891 Claire Vernon (Pep) Goodwin
1892 Jack Farrell
1892 Fred Thomas
1893 Paul Strand
1894 Ford Frick
1897 Ramon (Mike) Herrera
1898 Lou Koupal
1899 Sam Dodge
1900 Wally Gilbert
1900 Ernest Lee (Tex) Jeanes
1906 Tom Sullivan
1915 Eddie Yount
1915 Mickey Witek
1917 Ray Poat
1918 Bill DeKoning
1918 Tommy O’Brien
1923 Vern Freiburger
1924 Herb Gorman
1924 Rex Barney
1933 Gordie Windhorn
1934 Al Kaline
1935 Tony Taylor
1936 Jack Kubiszyn
1943 Walt Williams
1944 Rob Gardner
1945 Geoff Zahn
1945 Art Kusnyer
1955 Kevin Stanfield
1956 Stan Cliburn
1956 Stew Cliburn
1956 Tom Lawless
1962 Clay Parker
1962 Bill Wegman
1964 Mike Fetters
1965 Chito Martinez
1966 Joe Slusarski
1967 Doug Johns
1970 Tom Wilson
1973 Jose Silva
1975 Russell Branyan
1976 Jason Kershner
1978 Vinnie Chulk
1978 Mark Woodyard
1978 Andy Cannizaro
1978 Marshall McDougall
1979 Chip Ambres
1979 Rafael Soriano
1982 Jeff Baisley
1984 Ian Kennedy
1985 Michael Taylor
1987 Aaron Loup
1989 Ian Parmley
1990 Tim Cooney
1992 Edubray Ramos
1992 Austin Williams
1993 Jose LeClerc
1997 Rony Garcia

Came up with Detroit in 2020 and got lit up some (seven homers in 21 innings).


1901 Jim Gifford

Acute Brights Disease – “Jim Gifford Goes Away,” Fort Scott Daily Tribune, December 19, 1901: 1.

1906 Ed Pinkham

His NY death certificate says the Chicago White Stocking (1871) died of tuberculosis.

1908 Reddy Foster

He batted once as a Giant, pinch hitting for Cy Bowen in a blowout loss to the Colts on June 3, 1896.  His violent, drunken, angry life ended when, after a two-day drinking bender with one of his last friends, he pointed a shotgun under his chin and used a foot to pull the trigger.  “‘Reddy’ Foster Kills Himself,” Richmond Dispatch, December 20, 1908: 1.

1916 Doug Allison
1916 John McGuinness
1938 Art Griggs
1943 Bill Bergen
1949 Robert Gibson
1950 Wingo Anderson
1951 Bob Lindemann
1954 Big Jeff Pfeffer
1955 Moxie Divis
1965 John Knight
1967 Walter Tappan
1970 Nap Rucker
1970 Charlie Wilson
1979 Bud Sketchley
1983 Zip Collins
1984 Bill Warwick
1986 Al Stokes
1998 Joe Mack
2000 Lou Polli
2000 Lou Thuman
2002 Claude Crocker
2002 Bob Rinker
2003 Carmen Mauro
2008 Dock Ellis
2012 George O’Donnell


1990 You needed to stop whomever made this decision from going with it… Tiger management and WJR Radio announce that Ernie Harwell will be relieved of duties after the 1991 season.


1928 Detroit sends Jack Warner to the Senators for Bucky Harris, who becomes the new Tigers manager.

1982 Seattle signs amateur free agent slugger Edgar Martinez.

1985 Cincinnati sends John Stuper, Andy McGaffigan, Dann Bilardello, and Jay Tibbs to Montreal for Bill Gullickson and Sal Butera.

2010 Kansas City sends Zack Greinke and Yuniesky Betancourt (and cash) to the Brewers for Lorenzo Cain, Alcides Escobar, Jake Odorizzi, and Jeremy Jeffress.

2014 Atlanta sends Justin Upton and minor leaguer Aaron Northcraft to the Padres for Jace Peterson, Max Fried, Dustin Peterson, and Mallex Smith.

Also, three teams move eleven players… San Diego sends three players to Tampa, Tampa sends two players to Washington, Tampa sends Wil Myers and three others to San Diego, Washington sends Steve Souza and Travis Ott to Tampa, and San Diego throws in Trea Turner in June to the Nationals which completes the trade.

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