Baseball History for March 15th

<— MARCH 14     MARCH 16 —>


1856 Sandy McDermott
1860 Arlie Latham
1861 Bill Wise
1868 Roscoe Coughlin
1870 Doc Casey
1872 Mike Flynn
1873 Ralph Miller
1876 Bill Hallman
1879 George Disch
1885 Sailor Stroud
1885 Rube Peters
1889 Charlie Mullen
1890 Fred Mollenkamp
1893 Carlisle Perry
1898 Hal Kime
1898 Rosy Ryan
1902 Fred Bennett
1902 Chuffy Alexander
1907 Lou Fette
1912 Smokey Owens
1915 Don Lang
1917 Charlie Bowles
1918 Jake Bell
1919 Whitey Wietelmann
1919 Ray Noble
1923 Pee Wee Jenkins
1923 Reinaldo Drake
1928 Nellie King
1933 Dick Scott
1938 Bob Locker
1944 Dave Watkins
1944 Wayne Granger
1946 Bobby Bonds
1949 Jim Kern
1952 Steve Stroughter
1955 Mickey Hatcher
1957 Freddie Martinez
1959 Harold Baines
1960 Mike Pagliarulo
1967 Bobby Rose
1968 Kim Batiste
1974 Robert Fick
1975 Dan Perkins
1975 Vladimir Nunez
1979 Kevin Youkilis
1980 Freddie Bynum
1982 Juan Carlos Oviedo
1982 Steven Jackson
1985 Jon Jay
1988 Steve Ames
1989 Keith Hessler
1990 Nick Ahmed
1991 Richie Shaffer
1991 Trayce Thompson
1991 Max Stassi
1993 Greg Allen
1993 Michael Fulmer
1994 Sean Poppen
1994 Mike Brosseau
1994 Norge Ruiz


1909 Howard Wall
1915 Jim Donnelly
1917 John Munce
1923 Goat Anderson
1923 Pete Wood
1930 George Townsend
1933 Otis Stocksdale
1935 Ed Fuller
1939 Cal Broughton
1941 Al Froehlich
1949 Bill Cissell
1966 Chappie Geygan
1968 Allie Watt
1980 Les Witherspoon
1982 Eddie Mulligan
1984 Buckshot May
1986 Bill Patton
1991 Larry Bleach
1993 Paul Easterling
1993 Pat Cooper
2004 Vedie Himsl
2007 Bowie Kuhn
2008 Niles Jordan
2008 Rene Valdes
2009 Elmer Weingartner
2010 Ken Holcombe
2011 Fred Sanford
2011 Marty Marion
2012 Dave Philley
2018 Ed Charles


1945 Bert Sheppard, who had lost a leg when his fighter plane was shot down during World War II, begins a tryout with the Washington Senators. Sheppard was a minor league pitcher prior to the war, and was able to make one MLB appearance, throwing 5.1 innings against the Red Sox and allowing but one run.

2000 In a spring training game, six Boston Red Sox pitchers – including Pedro Martinez and Rod Beck – throw a perfect game against the Blue Jays.


1934 Pittsburgh sends cash and a player to Oakland (PCL) for Cookie Lavagetto.

1961 St. Louis signs free agent infielder Red Schoendienst.

1977 Oakland sends Phil Garner, Tommy Helms, and Chris Batton to Pittsburgh for Dave Giusti, Doc Medich, Doug Bair, Rick Langford, Tony Armas, and Mitchell Page.

1978 San Francisco sends seven guys and cash to Oakland for Vida Blue. Seriously, it was about even…

On the same day, Texas, New York, Atlanta, and and Pittsburgh completed a trade that sent eleven different players amongst each other (it took four months to resolve). Among those moving – Bert Blyleven (to Pittsburgh) and Al Oliver (to Texas), John Matlack to Texas, John Milner to Pittsburgh, and Willie Montanez to the Mets…

1979 Pittsburgh sends two minor leaguers and cash to Boston for Mike Easler.

2015 Milwaukee signs free agent Francisco Rodriguez.


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