Baseball History for February 29th

<— FEBRUARY 28     MARCH 1 —>


1836 Dickey Pearce
1856 Sadie Houck
1892 Ed Appleton
1896 Roy Parker
1896 Ralph Miller
1904 Pepper Martin
1924 Al Rosen
1944 Steve Mingori
1952 Al Autry
1956 Jerry Fry
1960 Bill Long
1976 Terrence Long
1992 Gerardo Concepcion
1992 Stefan Crichton


1920 Ernie Courtney


1972 Henry Aaron signs a three year deal worth $600,000 with the Atlanta Braves, making him the first $200,000 per year player.


1988 Montreal signs amateur free agent pitcher Miguel Batista.

1992 New York sends Alan Mills to the Orioles for two players to be named later (Francisco De La Rosa and minor leaguer Mark Carper).

2016 Texas signs free agent infielder/outfielder Ian Desmond.

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