Baseball History for December 7th

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1847 Deacon White
1849 Elmer White
1863 Tom Lovett
1865 Charles Yingling
1867 Joe Burke
1874 Hobe Ferris
1885 Ducky Yount
1886 Bobby Schang
1895 Bud Davis
1899 Ed Morris
1901 Ralph Judd
1906 Tony Piet
1911 Denny Galehouse
1911 Don Johnson
1915 Vinnie Smith
1915 Johnny Gee
1916 Jorge Comellas
1926 Armando Roche
1927 Dick Donovan
1930 Hal Smith
1930 Mark Freeman
1935 Don Cardwell
1936 Bo Belinsky
1941 Rupe Toppin
1942 Alex Johnson
1947 Johnny Bench
1950 Rich Coggins
1951 Paul Dade
1955 Scot Thompson
1956 Ozzie Virgil
1963 Billy Bates
1963 Jim Austin
1963 Steve Howard
1963 Shane Mack
1967 Tino Martinez
1972 Carl Dale
1973 Brian Schmack
1974 Mike Bell
1976 Kevin Hooper
1977 Saul Rivera
1977 Eric Chavez
1979 Ryan Theriot
1984 Mike Baxter
1989 Kyle Hendricks
1990 Brian Johnson
1990 Steve Baron
1990 Yasiel Puig
1991 Mark Payton
1994 Pete Alonso


1893 Johnny Lavin
1928 Charlie Petty
1933 Fred Hoey
1938 Tom Kearns
1940 Harry Eells
1947 Jud Smith
1953 Slats Jordan
1959 Tom McGuire
1962 Bobo Newsom
1964 Bill Karlon
1969 Lefty O’Doul
1974 Red Dorman
1976 Duke Maas
1977 Denny Sothern
1980 Luke Urban
1984 Howie Reed
1986 John Bogart
1987 Ken Richardson
1990 Lew Flick
1994 Frank Sacka
2010 Cardell Camper
2010 Art Mahan
2020 Rogelio Moret
2020 Dick Allen


1939 Lou Gehrig is elected to the Hall of Fame, as the five year waiting period had been waived on his behalf.


1937 Boston sends Dom Dallassandro, Al Niemiec and cash (and later Spence Harris) to San Diego of the PCL to purchase outfielder Ted Williams.

1946 Cleveland sends Gene Woodling to Pittsburgh for Al Lopez.

1969 Milwaukee sends Ray Oyler and Diego Segui to the Athletics for George Lauzerique and Ted Kubiak.

1973 New York acquires Lou Piniella and Ken Wright from Kansas City for the low price of Lindy McDaniel.

Boston bought Juan Marichal from San Francisco.

Milwaukee bought Felipe Alou from the Expos.

St. Louis sent Reggie Cleveland, Diego Segui and Terry Hughes to the Red Sox for Lynn McGlothen, John Curtis, and Mike Garman.

1977 Baltimore sends Rudy May, Bryn Smith, and Randy Miller to the Expos for Gary Roenicke, Don Stanhouse, and Joe Kerrigan.

1979 Detroit sends Ron LeFlore to Montreal for Dan Schatzeder. Meanwhile, Cleveland sends Bobby Bonds to the Cardinals for John Denny and Jerry Mumphrey.

1980 St. Louis signs free agent catcher Darrell Porter.

1983 A three team trade between San Diego, Montreal, and Chicago moves Scott Sanderson to the Cubs, Gary Lucas to the Expos, and Craig Lefferts and Carmelo Martinez to the Padres (among other guys).

1984 Atlanta signs free agent reliever Bruce Sutter, the Cubs sign Steve Trout, and the Mets send Walt Terrell to Detroit for Howard Johnson.

1988 Texas signs free agent pitcher Nolan Ryan.

1992 Toronto signs free agent hitter Paul Molitor.

1995 Seattle trades Tino Martinez, Jeff Nelson, and Jim Mecir to the Yankees for Russ Davis and Sterling Hitchcock.

2000 The Yankees sign free agent Mike Mussina.

2005 Florida sends outfielder Juan Pierre to the Cubs for Ricky Nolasco, Sergio Mitre, and Renyel Pinto.

2017 Miami sells off Dee Gordon (and some international bonus money) to the Mariners for three minor leaguers (Robert Dugger, Nick Neidert, and Christopher Torres).

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