Baseball History for December 8th

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1843 Mase Graffen

Samuel Mason (Mase) Graffen was the first manager of the first professional baseball team in St. Louis – the original Brown Stockings that played in the final season of the National Association and the first season of the National League in 1876.

1853 Steve Libby
1856 Jack Rowe
1868 Jocko Halligan
1869 Kid Camp
1870 William Lackey
1874 Joe Connor
1877 Bill Thomas
1879 Jimmy Austin
1879 Jack Thoney
1883 Charlie Wacker
1887 Eddie Dent
1890 John McGraw
1892 Ellis Johnson
1894 Razor Ledbetter
1900 Mose Solomon
1907 Bill Beckmann
1918 Sam Zoldak
1925 Hank Thompson
1937 Jim Pagliaroni
1940 Brant Alyea
1941 Ed Brinkman
1946 Alan Foster
1956 Alan Wirth
1960 John Mizerock
1965 Jeff Grotewold
1965 John Orton
1967 Tom McGraw
1968 Mike Mussina
1971 Garvin Alston
1972 Jolbert Cabrera
1973 Jeff DaVanon
1975 Brian Barkley
1976 Rontrez Johnson
1976 Reed Johnson
1976 Jose Leon
1978 Vernon Wells
1981 Kory Casto
1982 Alfredo Aceves
1985 Josh Donaldson
1985 Robbie Weinhardt
1986 Jordan Norberto
1987 Kyle Drabek
1987 Alex Torres
1987 Zach McAllister


1907 Washington Fulmer
1908 Frank Griffith
1909 Bill Hogg
1931 Jack Bellman
1932 Bill Gray
1935 Baldy Louden
1945 Henry Fournier
1948 Pelham Ballenger
1951 Bobby Lowe
1955 Buck Washer
1958 Tris Speaker
1958 Bernie Friberg
1961 Lou Koupal
1961 Coonie Blank
1963 Red Worthington
1965 Dutch Sterrett
1966 Bill Bolden
1968 Benn Karr
1974 Bert Niehoff
1975 Fred Blackwell
1975 Johnny Couch
1977 Art Ewoldt
1979 Del Young
1981 Bill Windle
1985 Dave Madison
1985 Bill Wambsganss
1986 Pip Koehler
1993 Bob Barnes
1999 Wally Hebert
2006 Jose Uribe
2014 Russ Kemmerer
2014 Buddy Hicks
2015 Gus Gil
2016 Putsy Caballero
2019 Weldon Bowlin


1992 Dr. Bobby Brown, the former Yankee, is elected president of the American League.

2008 Joe Gordon is elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame by the Veterans Committee.


1899 Louisville’s Barney Dreyfuss, having obtained ownership of the Pirates, transfers pretty much his entire team – including Rube Waddell, Honus Wagner, Fred Clarke, Tommy Leach and others – to the Pirates.  Four Pirates are sent to the Colonels, including Jack Chesbro, and summarily sold to the highest bidder – part of the National League’s decision to contract from twelve to eight teams.

1914 The White Sox purchase infielder Eddie Collins from the Philadelphia A’s.  Connie Mack, fearing Collins would be taken by a Federal League team, chose to sell him instead.

1947 Brooklyn sends Hal Gregg, Vic Lombardi and Dixie Walker to the Pirates for Billy Cox, Preacher Roe, and Gene Mauch.

1961 Your New York Mets, just getting started acquiring players, buys Richie Ashburn from the Cubs.

1975 San Francisco sends Pete Falcone to the Cardinals for Ken Reitz.

1976 In a trade first announced on Hollywood Squares (not really), the Chicago Cubs sent Pete LaCock to the Royals, who sent a player to be named later to the Mets (Sheldon Mallory), and the Mets sent Jim Dwyer to the Cubs.

1977 St. Louis sent Al Hrabosky to the Royals for Mark Littell and Buck Martinez.  And, the Cubs sent Jerry Morales and Steve Swisher to the Cardinals for Hector Cruz and Dave Rader.

The really crazy deal, though, was a four-team swap between the Braves, Mets, Rangers, and Pirates.  Willie Montanez moved from Atlanta to New York, Texas sent three players to the Braves, including Tommy Boggs and Adrian Devine, Texas moved Tom Grieve and Ken Henderson to the Mets, Texas sent Bert Blyleven to Pittsburgh, who returned them Al Oliver and Nelson Norman.  The Mets sent Jon Matlack to Texas, and sent John Milner to the Pirates.

1978 Texas sends Toby Harrah to Cleveland for Buddy Bell.

Jesse Orosco moved from Minnesota to the Mets as the player to be named later in the Jerry Koosman deal.

1980 Toronto swiped George (Jorge) Bell from the Phillies in the Rule 5 Draft.  Later, San Diego took Alan Wiggins from the Dodgers in the Rule 5 Draft.

1981 The Cubs sent Mike Krukow to the Phillies for Keith Moreland, Dan Larson, and Dickie Noles.

1983 Kansas City acquired Steve Balboni from the Yankees in a four player deal.

1986 Baltimore sends Dennis Martinez to the Expos – two players to be named later also swapped in the deal…

1987 Chicago sends Lee Smith to the Red Sox for Al Nipper and Calvin Schiraldi.  (I’d like that one back.)

1991 San Diego moves Bip Robers and a plus one to Cincinnati for Randy Myers.

2005 The White Sox send Aaron Rowand, a minor leaguer, and prospect Gio Gonzalez to the Philles for Jim Thome.

Florida steals Dan Uggla from Arizona in the Rule 5 Draft.

2009 Detroit sends Curtis Granderson to the Yankees and Edwin Jackson to the Diamondbacks.  The Yankees send Phil Coke and Austin Jackson to the Tigers, Ian Kennedy to the Diamondbacks, and Arizona sends Max Scherzer and Daniel Schlereth to the Tigers.

2015 Chicago sends Starlin Castro to the Yankees for Adam Warren and Brendan Ryan.

Famous Free Agent Signings?

1988 Bruce Hurst (San Diego)

1992 David Cone (Kansas City), Barry Bonds (San Francisco)

2006 Mike Piazza (Oakland)

2009 Chone Figgins (Seattle)

2011 Albert Pujols and C. J. Wilson (LAA)

2015 Zack Greinke (Arizona)

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