Baseball History for December 27th

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1854 Patrick McKenna
1861 Jim Curtiss
1862 Ducky Hemp

As you can imagine with a nickname like Ducky, Hemp was among the smallest and lightest men playing baseball in the 1880s.

1864 Bill Bishop
1864 Jim Dee
1873 Pete Lamer
1873 Tom Thomas
1876 Sam Woodruff
1876 Charlie Carr
1881 Eddie Quick
1885 Jiggs Parson
1886 George Textor
1887 Spottswood Poles
1890 Ernie Krueger
1897 Jackie Tavener
1898 Orville Singer
1904 John Shea
1910 Bob Evans
1912 Marlin Carter
1912 Jim Tobin
1913 Red Lynn
1916 Charlie Brewster
1917 Herb Karpel
1920 Dutch McCall
1922 Connie Johnson
1930 Norm Larker
1937 Bobby Klaus
1941 Phil Gagliano
1942 Byron Browne
1943 Roy White
1949 Chico Escarrega
1952 Mark Budaska
1952 Craig Reynolds
1955 Gary Weiss
1963 Jim Leyritz
1965 Tom Marsh
1968 Dean Palmer
1972 Mike Busby
1973 Raul Gonzalez
1974 Nate Bland
1975 Jeff D’Amico
1980 Jason Repko
1981 David Aardsma

Nothing against Aardsma, a talented reliever of recent days, but I always loved that Hank Aaron was the first player listed in baseball encyclopedias.  Aaron has an argument that he was the greatest player who ever lived, certainly the player whose greatness lasted the longest, and it made a certain amount of sense that the one time home run king was listed first.  Now it’s Aardsma.

1982 Michael Bourn
1982 Chris Gimenez
1983 Cole Hamels

Always liked him as a pitcher, though I didn’t like that he threw at Bryce Harper to welcome him to the league.  His recent donation of a $10 million home to Camp Barnabas, which provides services to children and their families who have significant health issues makes him superhuman.

1988 Addison Reed
1988 Rick Porcello
1990 Tyler Duffey
1990 Dylan Floro
1991 James Sherfy
1991 Stuart Turner
1992 Jordan Montgomery
1996 Kyle Tyler


1898 John Sneed
1907 Jim Andrews
1916 Freeman Brown
1919 Jerry Hurley
1920 Harvey Cushman
1928 George Meister
1932 Andy Piercy
1932 Pop Schriver
1933 Fritz Buelow
1945 Gene Cocreham
1945 Cy Swaim
1948 Marv Peasley
1951 Ernie Lindemann
1955 Jim Fairbank
1956 Hob Hiller
1958 Julio Rojo
1962 Jake Flowers
1964 Art Phelan
1964 Tom Young
1965 Bob Smith
1967 Paul Lehner
1975 Lou Lowdermilk
1976 Press Cruthers
1982 Harry Kingman
1984 Shirley Petway
1986 Jack Wallaesa
1995 Al Barlick
1995 Oscar Judd
1996 Gene Brabender
2000 Roy Partee
2001 John Hoffman
2003 Ivan Calderon

Calderon was shot at a bar in his hometown of Loza, Puerto Rico.

2004 Ernest Groth
2014 Henry Pressword
2015 Dave Henderson
2019 Dick Bokelmann
2020 Phil Niekro


1874 According to, the first baseball game in Cuba is played in Pueblo Matanzas between a team from Havana and a club team in Matanzas.  After seven innings, the game is called on account of darkness with Havana holding a 51 – 9 lead.


1926 Boston signs outfielder/first baseman Jack Fournier.

1960 Cleveland signs free agent catcher Paul Casanova.

1966 Philadelphia signs amateur free agent infielder Toby Harrah.

1984 The Yankees sign free agent pitcher Ed Whitson.

2001 Anaheim sends Mo Vaughn to the Mets for Kevin Appier.

2005 Arizona sends Troy Glaus and Sergio Santos to the Blue Jays for Miguel Batista and Orlando Hudson.

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