Baseball History for May 17th

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1852 Sam King
1857 Billy Reid
1858 Henry Oberbeck
1860 Frank Mountain
1865 Al Mays
1868 Fred Woodcock
1878 Rube Vickers
1886 Elmer Steele
1888 Irv Porter
1892 Hal Carlson
1894 Frank Woodward
1897 Harry Riconda
1903 Cool Papa Bell
1906 Al Eckert
1908 Leo Norris
1910 Lou Chiozza
1912 Ace Parker
1927 Jim McDonald
1932 Billy Hoeft
1932 Ozzie Virgil
1939 Dick Smith
1946 Dan Monzon
1948 Carlos May
1952 Porfi Altamirano
1957 Pascual Perez
1962 Greg Mathews
1963 Tom Newell
1964 Rob Nelson
1966 Jack Voigt
1969 Rick Huisman
1974 Wiki Gonzalez
1975 Scott Seabol
1976 Jose Guillen
1978 Carlos Pena
1978 John Foster
1982 Nick Masset
1983 Jeremy Sowers
1985 Todd Redmond
1989 John Cornely
1989 Jordan Jankowski
1992 Brian O’Grady
1992 Ben Gamel


1905 John Abadie
1908 Harry Spence
1931 Charlie Ferguson
1933 Bill Van Dyke
1941 Bill Husted
1949 Bill Swarback
1954 Roy Parker
1954 Earl Tyree
1957 Dummy Deegan
1961 Barney Slaughter
1961 Otto Knabe
1965 Bill Bartley
1969 Pants Rowland
1975 Sig Broskie
1982 Dixie Walker
1989 Specs Toporcer
1995 George Metkovich
2001 Ike Brown
2002 Joe Black
2004 Buster Narum
2007 Bill Wight
2011 Harmon Killebrew
2020 Ken Retzer


1925 Tris Speaker gets three hits in a loss to Washington and Tom Zachary to pass the 3000 hit mark.

1927 Bob Smith of Boston goes 22 innings in a complete game loss to the Cubs in Braves Field. He allows 20 hits and nine walks, but just four runs – faces 89 batters (!) in the contest.

1944 Bobby Doerr completes the cycle in the second game of a double header.

1963 Don Nottebart fires a no hitter to beat the Phillies, the first thrown by a Houston Colt-45. The Phillies lose, 4 – 1, but score on an error, bunt, and sacrifice fly – which, at the time, tied the score at one.

1970 Hank Aaron singles off of Wayne Simpson of the Reds for his 3000th hit.

1979 The Cubs and Phillies combine for 11 homers in a 23-22 Phillies win in wind blown Wrigley Field. I believe you can still watch that game on It’s fascinating just for the view of the old ball park and the voice of Jack Brickhouse.

2002 Erubiel Durazo drives in nine runs on three homers and a double – the Diamondbacks outslug the Phillies, 12 – 9.


1923 The A’s purchase Rube Walberg from Portland for $10,000.

1931 Chicago sends Willie Kamm to the Indians for Lew Fonseca.

1956 St. Louis gives up Bill Virdon to the Pirates for Bobby Del Greco and Dick Littlefield.

1971 Boston signs free agent Luis Tiant, who had been released by Atlanta.

1976 A trade your author didn’t understand… The Cubs gave Andre Thornton to the Expos for Steve Renko and Larry Biittner.

1985 Kansas City gets Lonnie Smith from the Cardinals for John Morris.

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