Baseball History for May 16th

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1858 Alex (or Aleck) Voss

Big pitcher, also an outfielder and first baseman. Voss only spent one year at the major league level, and that with two teams in the Union Association in 1884, where he combined to lose 20 games against 5 wins.  A railroad guy and a painter when not working, his life unraveled when drinking took over his life and he became abusive toward his wife.  Eventually he was sent to a worker’s prison and he died in obscurity at 51.

1866 Billy Hart
1872 John O’Connell
1876 George Barclay
1886 Clarence Lehr
1894 Paddy Smith
1895 Colonel Snover
1896 Red Ostergard
1902 Howard Fitzgerald
1902 Watty Clark
1904 Abe White
1917 George Jumonville
1919 Lefty Phillips
1919 Stubby Overmire
1920 Dave Philley
1926 Rube Walker
1928 Billy Martin
1933 Bob Bruce
1949 Rick Reuschel
1951 Mike Potter
1953 Rick Rhoden
1955 Jack Morris
1956 Tack Wilson
1957 Mark Funderburk
1959 Mitch Webster
1959 Bob Patterson
1967 Frank Seminara
1967 Doug Brocail
1969 Mike Heathcott
1970 Jim Mecir
1974 Jerrod Riggan
1977 Ivanon Coffie
1978 Nick Bierbrodt
1982 Eugenio Velez
1983 Steven Register
1984 Jensen Lewis
1984 Rafael Martin
1987 Tyler Cloyd
1993 Luis Sardinas


1903 Chicken Wolf
1918 Patsy Tebeau
1919 Germany Schaefer
1924 Candy Cummings
1927 Pat Murphy
1935 Wally Fessenden
1935 Mark McGrillis
1935 Pete Weckbecker
1939 Hal Kime
1940 Spike Shannon
1941 Art Williams
1952 Sal Campfield
1953 Jim Wallace
1961 Dick Harley
1963 Don Hankins
1964 Buzz Arlett
1968 Bill Brandt
1970 Dutch Ruether
1978 Mike Wilson
1980 Cap Peterson
1981 Tommy Mee
1981 Jim Finigan
1983 Mel Wright
1985 Johnny Broaca
1990 Pretzel Pezzullo
1998 Rufino Linares
2012 Kevin Hickey
2012 Thad Tillotson
2013 Frankie Libran


1929 Met Ott completes the Cycle in the second game of a double header.

1984 Carlton Fisk completes the cycle on a 4 for 5 day…

2004 Ben Sheets fans 18 in a complete game win for the Brewers over the Braves.


1976 The Yankees send pitcher Larry Gura to the Royals for catcher Fran Healy.

1978 The White Sox send Bobby Bonds to the Rangers for Claudell Washington and Rusty Torres.

1909 Washington sent Bill Burns to the White Sox for Nick Altrock, Gavy Cravath, and Jiggs Donohue.

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