Trade Analysis: Yankees Add Jerry Hairston For Young Catcher

Not a big trade, but one that gives the Yankees a little depth in the infield and outfield, New York acquired Jerry Hairston, Jr. from the Cincinnati Reds for minor leaguer Chase (Parson) Weems.

Hairston has played everywhere for Cincinnati except first base and catcher, has a little pop in his bat and remains pretty mobile at 33.  Weems is a very young catcher, two years ago drafted out of Columbus (GA) High School.  The Reds will likely need a catcher in a few years (maybe sooner), so if he shows any growth at all, he might get a shot – but for now he’s a long shot.

Winner?  Yankees.  Hairston retains a lot of value while Weems isn’t blowing anyone away yet.

2 thoughts on “Trade Analysis: Yankees Add Jerry Hairston For Young Catcher

  1. I would expect Hairston, who is a proven 13 year MLB veteran to do well with the Yankees. Weems is 13 years his junior and in his first full season. Obviously, someone liked what they saw, and feels Weems can add value to the Reds at some point down the road.

    • I like Hairston as an acqusition – plays everywhere and hits a little, too.

      The Yankees have another catcher (Jesus Montero, age 20) who is a really good prospect anyway, so this is a good use of organizational resources, too.

      This is a good trade for New York.

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