Baseball History for December 12th

<— DEC 11 DEC 13 —>


1854 Emanuel Sebastian (Redleg) Snyder
1860 Jim Brown
1864 John Francis (Phenomenal) Smith
1871 Oscar Woehrlin
1872 Eddie O’Meara
1874 Thomas Frank (Tully) Sparks
1876 Joe Rickert
1887 Jacob (Bugs) Reisigl
1891 Tom Daly
1893 Les Hennessy
1899 Allie Watt
1901 Bill Moore
1902 Paul Louis (Pee-Wee) Wanninger
1904 Ray Boggs
1908 Herman Earl (Flea) Clifton
1913 Bill Webb
1917 Clyde Kluttz
1917 Bob Carpenter
1921 Bill Howerton
1930 Raul Sanchez
1937 Pedro Gonzalez
1940 Tom Brown
1941 Allan Lewis
1943 Derrell Griffith
1945 Ralph Garr
1950 Gorman Thomas
1956 Steve Farr
1964 Alonzo Powell
1970 Mike Buddie
1974 Julius Matos
1975 Carlos Hernandez
1977 Orlando Hudson
1979 Garrett Atkins
1981 Shane Costa
1982 Ervin Santana
1988 Juan Diaz
1988 Mike Kickham
1992 Luis Castillo
1992 Jose Osuna


1895 Harry Fuller

Fuller, who played in just one game in 1891 – a shortened one at that as it was the second game of a doubleheader, died of consumption if you believe the Cincinnati Enquirer, or typhoid fever if you believe what someone posted on his page. He had just turned 33.

“Base Ball,” Cincinnati Enquirer, December 14, 1897: 2.

1912 Jim Green

My friend and fellow Jayhawk Sam Gazdziak says he died from cirrhosis of the liver (on Green’s page), so I’ll go with that.

1926 Ed Sixsmith

Acute indigestion caused, in part, by chronic gastritis per his death certificate.

1929 Dick Buckley
1932 Jim Long
1937 Rube Benton
1944 Ed Pinnance
1956 Bill Malarkey
1957 George Daly
1963 Myles Thomas
1966 Herman Young
1970 Doug Taitt
1971 Bill Kellogg
1971 George Dunlop
1975 Julie Wera
1979 Nick Dumovich
1983 Jim Weaver
1984 Gene Layden
1986 Johnny Wyrostek
1991 Ken Keltner
1992 Rube Walker
1995 Mike Modak
1996 George Jumonville
1998 Denny Galehouse
2000 Red Barkley
2006 Irv Hall
2011 Randy Stein
2013 Jim Burton
2014 Herb Plews
2018 Billy MacLeod


1930 Baseball’s rules committee decides that a ball that lands in play and bounces into the stands is a ground rule double and not a home run as previously done.


Another solid day for trades…

1903 The Cardinals send Mordecai “Three Finger” Brown and Jack O’Neill to the Cubs for Larry McLean and Jack Taylor.

1908 St. Louis sends Bugs Raymond, Admiral Schlei and Red Murray to the Giants for Roger Bresnahan.

1913 The Giants send Buck Herzog (and Grover Hartley) to the Reds for Bob Bescher. Herzog would become the next manager of the Reds.

1924 Washignton sends Carr Smith and By Speece to the Indians for what is left of Stan Coveleski’s career.

For what it’s worth, Coveleski wasn’t done. As a 35 year old pitcher, he went 20 – 5 with a league leading 2.84 ERA in 1925 as the Senators won the pennant. He had a 14 – 11 season in 1926, then ran out of gas.

1932 New York sends Freddie Lindstron to the Pirates and Chick Fullis to the Phillies. Pittsburgh sends Glenn Spencer to the Giants and Gus Dugas to the Phillies, and the Phillies sent Kiddo Davis to the Giants. Hey, if Freddie Lindstrom was a Hall of Fame player, how on earth does a team him packing for spare change at the age of 27?

1933 Philadelphia sells Lefty Grove, Max Bishop and Rube Walberg to the Red Sox for $125,000, Bob Kline and Rabbit Warstler. Then Philadelphia sold Mickey Cochrane to Detroit for $100,000 and Johnny Pasek.

1935 The Reds purchase Johnny Vander Meer from the Braves.

1941 Pittsburgh trades Arky Vaughan to the Dodgers for Babe Phelps, Luke Hamlin, Pete Coscarart and Jimmy Wasdell.

1968 The Royals traded Hoyt Wilhelm to the Angels for Ed Kirkpatrick and Dennis Paepke.

1975 Detroit sends Mickey Lolich and Billy Baldwin to the Tigers for Rusty Staub and Bill Laxton.

Also, the White Sox send Ken Henderson, Dick Ruthvan, and Dan Osborn to the Braves for Ralph Garr and Larvell (Sugar Bear) Blanks.

1980 Texas sends Richie Zisk, Ken Clay, Jerry Don Gleaton, Rick Auerbach, Brian Allard, and Steve Finch to the Mariners for Rick Honeycutt, Willie Horton, Mario Mendoza, Leon Roberts, and Larry Cox.

Also, St. Louis sends Rollie Fingers, Ted Simmons and Pete Vuckovich to the Brewers for David Green, Dave LaPoint, Sixto Lezcano, and Lary Sorensen.

1984 St. Louis sends George Hendrick and Steve Barnard to the Pirates for John Tudor and Brian Harper.

2007 Baltimore sends Miguel Tejada to the Astros for Matt Albers, Luke Scott, Mike Costanzo, Troy Patton, and Dennis Sarfate.

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