Baseball History for August 16th

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1854 Samuel H. (Doc) Landis
1855 Warren William (Hick) Carpenter
1865 Ed Mayer
1870 Willie Clark
1872 Gene Steere
1884 Joe Hovlik
1886 Hub Northen
1887 Hank Robinson
1890 William Chester (Baby Doll) Jacobson
1892 Bill Keen
1893 Cy Wright
1895 Fred Bailey
1897 Bob Fothergill
1900 Billy Rhiel
1901 Mahlon Higbee
1908 Andy Bednar
1911 Herman Besse
1913 Ernest Edward Tiny Bonham
1913 Lew Carpenter
1922 Gene Woodling
1925 Willie Jones
1929 Curt Roberts
1931 Don Rudolph
1938 Robert Leroy (Buck) Rodgers
1941 Gene Brabender
1941 Larry Loughlin
1941 Bill Edgerton
1945 Jan Dukes
1948 Mike Jorgensen
1952 Al Holland
1953 Nick Leyva
1958 Jim Maler
1960 Bill Mooneyham
1961 Greg Jelks
1961 Donnie Scott
1964 Rick Reed
1965 Xavier Hernandez
1966 Terry Shumpert
1966 Steve Foster
1967 Bret Barberie
1970 Quinton McCracken
1973 Damian Jackson
1974 John Snyder
1974 Roger Cedeno
1975 Michael Coleman
1975 Jin Ho Cho
1978 Brian Gordon
1980 Ben Kozlowski
1980 Ryan Hanigan
1982 Freddy Sandoval
1985 Daric Barton
1986 Yu Darvish
1986 Martin Maldonado
1988 J. C. Ramirez
1988 Justin Grimm
1990 Adrian Sanchez
1992 Delino DeShields
1992 Connor Joe
1996 Tyler Stephenson


1906 Tom Carey
1919 Ed McKean
1923 Bill Day
1923 Jim Scoggins
1927 Jerry Denny
1943 Beals Becker
1944 Tom Sullivan
1946 Billy Rhiel
1948 Babe Ruth

Throat cancer – and just 53 years old.

1953 Ty Tyson
1970 Kurt Krieger
1971 Walter Mueller
1972 Fred Bailey
1976 George Aiton
1977 Joe Kelly
1977 Charlie Barnabe
1977 Al Javery
1983 Earl Averill
1984 Tommie Aaron
1984 Fred Hahn
1985 Dick Drott
1993 Bama Rowell
2002 John Roseboro
2007 Chico Garcia
2010 Bobby Thomson


1920 Maybe not, this time. Carl Mays’ rising fastball (he threw underhanded) catches Ray Chapman in the head, fracturing his skull. Chapman, the best shortstop of his day, died the next morning.

The Indians would wear black arm bands in his memory, then went on to win the AL pennant during the most chaotic of season endings (the Black Sox were kicked out with a week or so to go – costing them a shot at repeating; the Yankees were also in the running).

As for Mays, he already had a reputation for throwing inside and he didn’t usually get along with his teammates in New York. He was eventually sold to the Reds. All things considered, Mays was a really good pitcher.  When his career was over, Mays had a 207-126 record and his ERA was 2.92 despite spending so much time in a heaving batting era of baseball.


1911 Cleveland releases Cy Young. The end includes 511 career wins and a future award naming. Wire stories from that time suggested that Young wasn’t convinced he was done – but baseball teams were no longer interested in a heavyset 45 year old legend.

“‘Old Cy’ Young Released, Champaign Daily Gazette, 16 August 1911, Page 6.

Young’s release was HUGE front page news in the Boston Globe, where Denton T. had many of his finest seasons.

1963 Baltimore signs amateur free agent pitcher Jim Palmer. As I write this (2020), Mr. Palmer just had knee replacement surgery. Heal fast, sir.

1984 Cincinnati sent Tom Lawless to the Expos for their new manager, Pete Rose.

1999 The Mets signed amateur free agent infielder Jose Reyes.

2000 The Angels plucked David Eckstein off the waiver wire – the best thing that could happen to this plucky infield prospect.


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