Baseball History for July 31st

<— JULY 30     AUGUST 1 —>


1857 Charlie Reynolds
1864 Mark Creegan
1870 Joe Sugden
1880 Bob Unglaub
1883 Charles Eugene (Tuffy) Stewart
1883 Tommy Madden
1883 Clarence Hanford (Red) Munson
1886 Larry Doyle
1888 Pembroke Finlayson
1889 Dan Marion
1890 Oscar Martin (Slim) Harrell
1892 Art Nehf
1892 Erv Kantlehner
1892 David Carter (Mutt) Williams
1893 Allen Russell
1896 Raymond Edwin (Chick) Sorrells
1900 Henry William (Heinie) Scheer
1910 Glenn Liebhardt
1910 Gordon McNaughton
1912 Archie Wise
1912 Jesse Landrum
1913 Joe Mulligan
1913 Bill Fleming
1914 Elmer Riddle
1915 Jess Pike
1916 Billy Hitchcock
1920 Fred Bradley
1922 Hank Bauer
1925 Harry Malmberg
1927 Billy Shantz
1927 Al Aber
1931 Walter Gary (Rip) Coleman
1931 Joe Durham
1935 Terry Fox
1936 Vic Davalillo
1937 Fred Van Dusen
1943 Billy Wynne
1944 Frank Brosseau
1947 Earl Stephenson
1947 John Vukovich
1947 Pete Koegel
1949 Jay Schlueter
1953 Hank Small
1956 Gordie Pladson
1957 Leon Durham
1957 Howard Bailey
1959 Mike Bielecki
1959 Bob Johnson
1963 Scott Bankhead
1970 Mike Figga
1975 Randy Flores
1975 Gabe Kapler
1979 Andy Van Hekken
1979 J. J. Furmaniak
1983 Rene Rivera
1984 Fernando Hernandez
1992 Jose Fernandez
1992 Kyle McGrath
1996 Luiz Gohara


1938 Doc Miller
1938 Bill Carney
1941 Jim Byrnes
1945 Snapper Kennedy
1960 Joe Klinger
1961 Bud Weiser
1972 Rollie Hemsley
1975 Max Flack
1991 John Dobb
1993 Sam Langford
1994 Hy Vandenberg
1996 Howie Goss
1997 Eddie Miller
2015 Billy Pierce
2018 Daryl Robertson


1954 Joe Adcock homers four times in Ebbets Field as the Braves clock the Dodgers 15 – 7. Adcock also doubled – missing by perhaps a foot of hitting five homers in a game.


1888 Kansas City purchased Billy Hamilton from Worcester in the New England League.

1987 Cleveland sent Steve Carlton to Minnesota for Jeff Perry.

1989 The Mets send Rick Aguilera, Kevin Tapani, David West, Tim Drummond and (later) Jack Savage to the Twins for Frank Viola.

1993 Toronto sent Steve Karsay and (later) Jose Herrera to Oakland for Rickey Henderson.

1997 St. Louis sent T.J. Mathews, Eric Ludwick, and Blake Stein to Oakland for Mark McGwire.

1998 Seattle sent Randy Johnson to Houston for Freddy Garcia, Carlos Guillen, and (later) John Halama.

2004 Boston sends Nomar Garciaparra and Matt Murton to the Cubs in a four-team trade that netted the Red Sox Doug Mientkiewicz and Orlando Cabrera. The Twins and Expos were also involved.

2008 Boston sends Manny Ramirez to the Dodgers in a three team trade that included getting Jason Bay from Pittsburgh and the Dodgers sending Andy LaRoche and Bruan Morris to the Pirates.

The list of 7/31 trades that had impact is long and wide. I could easily list 100 of them.

For a complete list, go here:

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