Baseball History for July 7th

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1868 Willard Mains
1873 Oscar Streit
1876 Frederick Bidds (Happy) Iott
1882 George Suggs
1885 George Moriarty
1886 Bert James
1893 Franklin Burton (Dutch) Wetzel
1896 John Jenkins
1902 Art Merewether
1906 Dick Bass
1906 Leroy Robert (Satchel) Paige
1909 Billy Herman
1910 Ernie Sulik
1911 Leon William (Red) Nonnenkamp
1919 Hugh East
1921 Johnny Van Cuyk
1923 Joe Smaza
1923 Ed Sanicki
1924 Mel Clark
1924 John Simmons
1926 George Spencer
1927 Sammy White
1927 Hal Keller
1929 John Romonosky
1936 Bill Kunkel
1937 George Smith
1938 Bob Lipski
1945 Chuck Goggin
1945 Bill Melton
1946 Rick Kester
1948 Tommy Moore
1948 Bob Gallagher
1949 Tim Nordbrook
1955 Jerry Dybzinski
1956 Terry Bevington
1957 Dan Gladden
1958 Glenn Hoffman
1958 Tim Teufel
1966 Jeff Shaw
1966 Dave Burba
1968 Mike Busch
1968 Chuck Knoblauch
1973 Jose Jimenez
1973 Matt Mantei
1977 Andy Green
1980 John Buck
1981 Jon Huber
1983 Luke Montz
1983 R. J. Swindle
1983 Brandon McCarthy
1984 Alfredo Figaro
1985 Leyson Septimo
1987 Yangervis Solarte
1995 Franmil Reyes
1995 Richard Lovelady
1995 Nate Lowe


1915 Mike DePangher
1933 Neal Finn
1936 Bill Pounds
1939 Deacon White
1941 Jack Gilbert
1942 Harry Spies
1945 Cal Crum
1947 Dick Egan
1958 John Sullivan
1959 Norwood Gibson
1964 Glenn Gardner
1965 Pat Burke
1967 Joe Weiss
1971 Ray Phelps
1973 Paul Musser
1980 Chink Taylor
1981 Merl Combs
1982 Joe Dugan
1983 Vic Wertz
1990 Don Bessent
1993 Ben Chapman
1995 Al Unser
2003 Ribs Raney
2011 Dick Williams


1923 Cleveland is the first American League team to score a run in all innings they bat (only eight – a home game) when they clout the Red Sox, 27 – 24. The Indians put up 13 in the sixth inning, and only had one run innings in the fourth and seventh innings.

2009 Alan Embree wins a game without throwing a pitch. Having entered the game, Embree picked off Austin Kearns to end the top of the eighth, and then Colorado rallied to win in the bottom of the eighth.

2011 Firefighter Shannon Stone reaches for a ball thrown toward him by Josh Hamilton, loses his footing, and falls about twenty feet to his death in the outfield stands.


1902 Philadelphia purchases outfielder Danny Murphy from Norwich of the Connecticut State League.

1948 Satchel Paige signs with Cleveland – and would win six of seven decisions down the stretch for the World Series bound team.

1972 Oakland signs amateur free agent outfielder Claudell Washington.

2008 Cleveland sends CC Sabathia to the Brewers for Matt LaPorta, Zach Jackson, Rob Bryson and (later) Michael Brantley.

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