Baseball History for July 5th

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1857 Jack Farrell
1863 Charlie Krehmeyer
1866 Lee Viau
1868 Pat Wright
1875 Lawrence Joseph (Frank) Freund
1877 Harvey Cushman
1881 Harry Herbert (Chub) Aubrey
1884 Jimmy Dygert
1884 Ward Miller
1885 Josh Swindell
1886 Beals Becker
1894 Hod Eller
1896 Hank Thormahlen
1896 Alexander Vernon (Buck) Freeman
1897 Tom Miller
1902 Frank Naleway
1904 Irving Darius (Bump) Hadley
1917 Tommy Warren
1921 Al Kozar
1926 Roy Hawes
1926 Mario Picone
1928 Jim Baxes
1931 Arnie Portocarrero
1934 Gordy Coleman
1936 Jack Krol
1943 Curt Blefary
1948 Dave Lemonds
1950 Gary Matthews
1951 Rich Gossage
1952 Don DeMola
1956 Rick Lancellotti
1962 Jeff Innis
1966 Dave Eiland
1967 Tim Worrell
1970 Doug Bochtler
1972 Marquis Donnell (Bo) Porter
1975 Alberto Castillo
1976 Jay Spurgeon
1981 Jesse Crain
1983 Marco Estrada
1988 Andre Rienzo
1989 Tony Cingrani
1991 Felipe Rivero
1993 Jorge Polanco


1883 Charlie Guth
1909 Frank Selee
1929 Ted Sullivan
1930 Frederick Fass
1936 Phil Wisner
1940 George Yeager
1944 Claude Rothgeb
1950 Joe Sargent
1953 Frank McCue
1963 Ben DeMott
1964 Dick Attreau
1966 Pete Fox
1969 Ed Hemingway
1974 Duster Mails
1975 Joe Kiefer
1980 Ben Tincup
1981 Horace Allen
1993 Charlie Bishop
1994 Bernie DeViveiros
2002 Ted Williams


1898 Lizzie Stroud pitches for Reading in the Eastern League – the first woman to pitch in organized baseball.

1947 Larry Doby strikes out when facing Chicago’s Earl Harrist. For the Indians pinch hitter, Doby is the first African-American to play in the American League.


1933 The Red Sox purchase Bucky Walters from Mission of the PCL.

1950 The Yankees acquire Billy Martin and Jackie Jensen from Oakland in the PCL, sending the Oaks cash and Eddie Malone to complete the trade.

1977 Los Angeles signs amateur hitter Ron Kittle.

1987 The Giants send Chris Brown, Mark Davis, Mark Grant, and Keith Comstock to the Padres for Kevin Mitchell, Dave Dravecky, and Craig Lefferts.

2014 Chicago sends Jeff Samardzija and Jason Hammel to the Athletics for Addison Russell, Dan Straily, and Billy McKinney.


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