Baseball History for December 2nd

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1855 John Haldeman
1864 John Hibbard
1869 Tom Stouch
1875 Mike Kelley
1876 Roscoe Miller
1880 Tom Doran
1889 Bob Jones
1889 Howard Armstrong
1892 John William (Chick) Smith
1893 Tommy Vereker
1895 Art Jahn
1896 Gene Bedford
1896 Mike Wilson
1898 Hal Leathers
1899 Ray Morehart
1903 Don Brennan
1905 Leon Williams
1906 Johnny Welch
1913 Glenn Crawford
1934 Andre Rodgers
1935 Harry Taylor
1946 Pedro Borbon
1948 Wayne Simpson
1949 Jay Kleven
1950 Bob Kammeyer
1951 Adrian Devine
1954 Julio Cruz
1964 Walter William (Chip) Hale
1968 Darryl Kile
1969 Steve Sisco
1975 Mark Kotsay
1976 Eddy Garabito
1978 Peter Moylan
1980 Eric Reed
1982 Wyatt Toregas
1988 Brett Eibner
1992 Gary Sanchez
1992 Charlie Tilson


1893 Bill Gleason
1917 Mike Hooper
1922 Bill Armour
1926 Dave Skeels
1928 Bill Hughes
1934 Scotty Barr
1934 Tom Daley
1937 Frank Chapman
1962 John Scott
1962 Frank Kane
1968 Pete Sims
1972 Rip Conway
1976 Danny Murtaugh
1979 Sam Dailey
1980 Don Padgett
1983 Mike Powers
1990 Paddy Smith
1995 Art Herring
1997 Steve Hamilton
1998 Ben Guintini
1998 Red Roberts
1999 Mike Budnick
2002 Ben Wade
2003 Jim Sheehan
2008 Ted Rogers – Blue Jays owner
2010 Ron Santo
2015 Bob Martyn


1941 Bill Terry is promoted to General Manager, and Mel Ott is named Player/Manager of the Giants.

1944 Yomiuri Giants pitcher Eiji Sawamura, famous for striking out Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Charlie Gehringer, and Jimmy Foxx as a teenaged tosser in an exhibition game ten years earlier, is lost in action when his ship is torpedoed by US Naval forces.


1898 Pittsburgh acquires Ginger Beaumont from Milwaukee in the Western League for Bill Gray and Bill Hart.

1937 Detroit sends Marv Owen, Mike Tresh, and Gee Walker to Chicago for Vern Kennedy, Tony Piet, and Dixie Walker.

1958 Cleveland sends Gary Geiger and Vic Wertz to the Red Sox for Jim Piersall.

1963 In what used to be a first year minor league draft, Boston drafted Reggie Smith away from Minnesota and St. Louis took Bobby Tolan from the Pirates.

1965 San Francisco sends Bill Hands and Randy Hundley to the Cubs for Lindy McDaniel and Don Landrum.

1968 Atlanta took Darrell Evans from Oakland in the Rule 5 Draft.

1970 Pittsburgh sent Bruce Dal Canton, Jerry May, and Freddie Patek to the Royals for Jackie Hernandez, Jim Campanis, and Bob Johnson.

1971 Houston sent John Mayberry and David Grandgaard to the Royals for Jim York and Lance Clemons.

Also, the White Sox acquired Dick Allen from the Dodgers for Tommy John and Steve Huntz.

Later that day, the Dodgers sent Doyle Alexander, Royle Stillman, Sergio Robles and Bob O’Brient to the Orioles for Frank Robinson and Pete Richert.

1990 Toronto sent Junior Felix and Luis Sojo (and later Ken Rivers) to the Angels for Willie Fraser, Devon White, and Marcus Moore.

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