Baseball History for November 13th

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1860 George Myers
1862 John Garibaldi (Podge) Weihe
1862 Pete Meegan
1875 Johnny Kling
1881 Al Boucher
1882 Ezra Midkiff

Midkiff was a West Virginia native – his nickname, “Salt Rock” happened to be the town in which he was born.  Played in a single game for the Reds in 1909, went back to the minors, and got a shot with the Yankees in 1912 and 1913.  Failure to hit killed the major league career of this third baseman (and utility infielder).

A side note to his Cincinnati debut.  He was listed as “Metcalf” in the Cincinnati Enquirer box score (second game of a 10/5/1909 doubleheader) – but a day later the Enquirer called him Midkiff and noted that he had jumped a contract with the Winston-Salem baseball team to join Cincinnati.  The National Commission, chaired by Reds owner Garry Herrmann, had to void the Reds contract and send Midkiff back to the minors.

Before and after he surfaced in the majors, Midkiff was a manager for a number of years.  Heart problems caught up with him and he passed away in 1957 at the age of 72.

1884 Tom Daley
1885 Ralph Kreitz
1887 Josh Devore
1888 Andy Harrington
1889 John Leonard (Buck) Stanley
1894 Ray Steineder
1894 Ernie Neitzke
1895 George Dumont
1901 John William (Moose) Clabaugh
1903 Sy Rosenthal
1905 Milt Shoffner
1908 John Kroner
1909 Bob Garbark
1911 John Mihalic
1912 Alex Kampouris
1912 Jackie Price
1914 Jack Hallett
1915 Ted Wilks
1916 Nick Goulish
1922 Andy Anderson
1925 Jim Delsing
1926 Steve Lembo
1928 Steve Bilko
1939 Wes Parker
1941 Mel Stottlemyre
1943 Bobby Pfeil
1946 George Theodore
1947 Gene Garber
1951 Larry Harlow
1952 John Sutton
1958 Dan Petry
1959 Dave Shipanoff
1965 Rob Natal
1968 Pat Hentgen
1968 Mark Kiefer
1969 Rigo Beltran
1970 Vic Darensbourg
1973 Jason Simontacchi
1979 Gerald Laird
1984 Tony Abreu
1985 Asdrubal Cabrera
1986 Juan Perez
1986 Wade Miley
1986 Josh Bell
1986 Bryan Price
1989 Lane Adams
1989 Carlos Frias
1990 Arodys Vizcaino
1990 Chris Devenski
1990 Luke Bard
1929 Daniel Gossett
1994 Santiago Espinal
1997 Trevor Rogers


1884 Bill Sullivan
1926 Frank Pearce
1932 Willie Clark
1942 Izzy Hoffman
1958 Heinie Elder
1963 Muddy Ruel
1964 Bris Lord
1978 Les Powers
1984 Aubrey Epps
1986 Les Webber
1986 Dixie Upright
1992 Johnny Ostrowski
1992 Wally Shaner
1992 Claude Wilborn
1996 Roger McCardell
1997 Moe Thacker
1997 Al Weston
1997 Bill Conroy
1998 Al Wright
1999 Ray Goolsby
2009 Ron Klimkowski
2010 George Binks
2014 Al Dark
2016 Randy Veres
2017 Jim Rivera
2017 Bobby Doerr


1899 The National League says, “Let there be two umpires on the field for all games…”

1965 Branch Rickey suffers a massive heart attack while accepting induction to the Missouri Sports Hall of Fame. He would die about three weeks later.

2003 MLB announces at least five to seven percent of all samples provided by players for PED testing came back as positive…

2006 Groundbreaking begins on Citi Field…


1973 Montreal signs amateur free agent Tony Bernazard.

1978 The Yankees sign free agent pitcher Luis Tiant.

1985 The Mets send Calvin Schiraldi, Wes Gardner, John Christensen, and La Schelle Tarver to Boston for Bob Ojeda, John Mitchell, Tom McCarthy, and Chris Bayer.

1996 San Francisco sends Matt Williams and (later) Trent Hubbard to Cleveland for Jeff Kent, Julian Tavarez, Jose Vizcaino, and (later) Joe Roa.

2001 The Yankees sign amateur free agent outfielder Melky Cabrera.

2008 The Yankees sent Wilson Betemit, Jeff Marquez and Jhonny Nunez to the White Sox for Nick Swisher and Kanekoa Texeira.

2015 San Diego sends Craig Kimbrel to the Red Sox for Logan Allen, Javy Guerra, Manuel Margot, and Carlos Asuaje.

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