Baseball History for November 3rd

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1856 Jim McCormick
1860 Ed Trumbull
1863 John Hanna
1866 Harry Staley
1871 Fred Hayner
1876 Phil Geier
1876 Ike Rockenfield
1878 Walter Clarkson
1881 Orson Baldwin
1881 Jack Hickey
1883 Ed Lennox
1884 Pat Donahue
1886 Clyde Southwick
1886 Bob Fisher
1890 Larry Kopf
1895 Jim Walkup
1895 Frank Hoxie (Kid) Willson
1898 Homer Summa
1908 Clarence Lemuel (Red) Phillips
1911 Johnny Keane
1917 Eli Hodkey
1917 Len Gilmore
1918 Bob Feller
1919 John Donald (Spider) Jorgensen
1921 Wally Flager
1927 Fred Richards
1936 Rick Herrscher
1936 Earl Robinson
1945 Jim Johnson
1945 Ken Holtzman
1946 Garry Hill
1946 Tom Heintzelman
1948 Rick Kreuger
1951 Dwight Evans
1953 Larry Herndon
1953 Bobby Thompson
1955 Mark Corey
1956 Bob Welch
1962 Sherman Corbett
1963 Mike Christopher
1968 Paul Quantrill
1969 Ken Robinson
1971 Danny Young
1972 Armando Benitez
1978 Anastacio Martinez
1984 Brandon Dickson
1984 Jonathan Herrera
1986 Alex Wilson
1987 Kyle Seager
1987 Ryan Tepera
1988 Carlos Moncrief
1990 Madison Younginer


1892 Edgar Smith
1918 Leonard Hollywood
1925 Sam Frock
1938 Jerry Dorsey
1938 Milt Scott
1940 Joe Burke
1945 Mike Smith
1946 Ben Taylor
1951 Joe Hovlik
1952 Frank Smith
1953 John Chapman
1955 John Merritt
1956 John Jones
1958 John Eubank
1958 Heinie Sand
1960 Bobby Wallace
1961 Freddie Maguire
1970 Red Kellett
1972 Phil Voyles
1974 Doc Wood
1976 Frank Brazill
1981 Al Jurisich
1982 Ray Fisher
1986 John Middleton
1990 Jack Russell
1992 Chris Van Cuyk
1992 Boze Berger
2011 Matty Alou
2011 Bob Forsch


1953 A rules committee chooses to no longer allow players to leave their mitts on the field between innings, requiring them to take them back to the dugouts.

1968 In this case, he needed someone to help him… Harry Caray is hit by a car (bad weather – busy street), ending up with broken legs, a dislocated shoulder, and a broken nose.


1891 Charles Comiskey “jumps” his contract with the St. Louis Browns to join the Cincinnati Reds.

1934 The Reds are buyers – purchasing Ival Goodman ($25K) and Lew Riggs ($30K) from the Cardinals.

1970 Washington sends Greg Goosen, Gene Martin and Jeff Terpko to Philadelphia for Curt Flood and a player to be named later (Terpko was returned). Flood, as you may remember, didn’t want to play for the Phillies and challenged the reserve clause.

1980 Oakland sends Mike Morgan to thee Yankees for Fred Stanley.

1988 Minnesota sends Bert Blyleven and Kevin Trudeau to California for Paul Sorrento, Mike Cook, and Rob Wassenaar.

1992 Cincinnati sends Paul O’Neill and Joe De Berry to the Yankees for Roberto Kelly.

2003 Houston trades Billy Wagner to the Phillies for Brandon Duckworth, Taylor Buchholz and Ezequiel Astacio.

2012 Oakland signs free agent pitcher Bartolo Colon.

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