Baseball History for October 29th

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1850 George Ewell
1852 Sam Kimber
1859 Charlie Ebbets
1859 John Reccius
1863 Mark Baldwin
1882 Arthur Frederick (Solly) Hofman
1882 Frank Browning
1883 Del Mason
1888 Earl Yingling
1889 Andy Kyle
1890 Happy Finneran
1897 Clarence William (Ty) Pickup
1909 Ralph Winegarner
1923 John Mackinson
1924 Hal Bamberger
1939 Pete Richert
1944 Jim Bibby
1944 Gary Neibauer
1946 Frank Baker
1953 Randy McGilberry
1954 Kip Young
1955 Darrell Brown
1957 George Stablein
1957 Terry Felton
1959 Jesse Barfield
1966 Pat Combs
1967 Narciso Elvira
1967 Mandy Romero
1967 Greg Gohr
1970 Kerwin Moore
1972 Richie Barker
1974 R. A. Dickey
1975 Scott Randall
1975 Gary Johnson
1975 Karim Garcia
1982 Will Venable
1983 Dana Eveland
1984 Jose Mijares
1988 Johnny Hellweg
1990 Ender Inciarte
1990 Tyler White
1991 Arismendy Alcantara
1992 Colten Brewer
1993 Raudy Read
1994 Shaun Anderson


1909 John Lyston
1923 Jack Nabors
1923 Jimmy Ryan
1924 Pop Snyder
1930 Gene Wright
1938 Babe Towne
1938 Tom Daly
1941 Harvey Hendrick
1941 Wilbur Murdoch
1944 Scott Hardesty
1949 John Malarkey
1959 Dave Fultz
1961 Tom Cafego
1965 Frank Fuller
1965 Bill McKechnie
1966 Al Grabowski
1968 Bill Hohman
1972 Dutch Dietz
1973 George Beck
1974 Orie Kerlin
1976 Harry Malmberg
1982 Tom Sheehan
1982 Pinky Woods
1988 Andy Cohen
1991 Jimmie Coker
1993 Anse Moore
1995 Al Niemiec
1996 Ewell Blackwell
2006 Silas Simmons

A negro leaguer, Simmons died at age 111, which is the oldest professional player of any league.

2017 Al Richter
2020 Jim Hicks


1889 The New York Giants (NL) topped the Brooklyn Bridegrooms (AA) in the first post season series between two league champions.

2014 With two outs in the bottom of the ninth of game seven, Alex Gordon singles, but the ball gets by Andre Blanco and heads to the wall.  Gordon stops at third instead of taking a risk and trying to beat a throw to the plate (which probably beats him to home if it’s good).  Madison Bumgarner closes out the ninth, giving the Giants a World Series championship over the Royals.


1928 The Giants sent Lefty O’Doul and cash to the Phillies for Freddie Leach.

1962 The Angels sent cash to the Yankees to purchase Bob Turley.

1969 The Phillies signed free agent pitcher Jim Bunning.

1993 The Mets signed amateur free agent infielder Rey Ordonez.

2001 Texas signed amateur free agent pitcher Edinson Volquez.

2013 The White Sox signed amateur free agent slugger (and Cuban defector) Jose Abreu.

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