Baseball History for October 20th

<— OCT 19     OCT 21 —>


1862 Marty Sullivan
1863 Pat Hartnett
1864 John Joseph (Jocko) Fields
1869 William Stecher
1871 Rudolph Charles (Skel) Roach
1883 Roland (Cuke) Barrows
1894 Martin Albert (Toots) Coyne
1894 James Eugene (Wickey) McAvoy
1895 John Russell
1896 Wid Matthews
1897 Arnold John (Jigger) Statz
1897 Tom Connelly
1900 Jimmy Uchrinscko
1903 Archie Campbell
1909 Bruce Campbell
1919 Jack Franklin
1920 Ezra Malachi (Pat) McGlothin
1926 Leon Brinkopf
1928 Mickey Micelotta
1930 Bill Froats
1931 Mickey Mantle
1937 Juan Marichal
1943 Bobby Floyd
1947 Rafael Robles
1952 Dave Collins
1953 Keith Hernandez
1957 Rick Ownbey
1959 Don Heinkel
1961 Keith Smith
1962 Randy Asadoor
1963 Luis Encarnacion
1966 Jonathan Hurst
1967 Harvey Pulliam
1968 Rudy Seanez
1969 Juan Gonzalez
1979 Rafael (Choo) Freeman
1980 Jose Veras
1987 Edwar Cabrera
1988 Michael Mariot
1988 Gus Schlosser
1990 Ty Blach
1992 Tyler Goeddel
1993 Trevor Kelley
1993 Chris Shaw
1994 Ronald Guzman


1898 Curry Foley
1906 Buck Ewing
1910 George Ewell
1912 John Skopec
1921 Jack Hardy
1933 Lou Gertenrich
1934 Paddy Greene
1936 George Kelb
1948 Ed Kusel
1949 Dick Rudolph
1958 Rex Dawson
1960 Lew Groh
1962 Tim Murchison
1964 John Whitehead
1968 Turner Barber
1972 Allen Russell
1973 Red Miller
1976 Freddie Muller
1979 Cy Slapnicka
1985 Hal Goldsmith
1992 Spider Wilhelm
1999 Earl Turner
2002 Mel Harder
2004 Chuck Hiller
2008 Joe Lutz
2010 Tony Roig
2010 Otey Clark
2010 Bill Jennings
2012 Dave May
2014 Jim Dunegan
2020 Tom Yewcic


1964 Johnny Keane becomes manager of the Yankees – just as the team starts to fade – and Red Schoendienst is named manager of the Cardinals, just as that team is about to get rolling again…

1988 Orel Hershiser wins game five, his second game of the series, and Los Angeles finishes off Oakland in five games to win the World Series.

2004 After losing the first three games of the ALCS to the Yankees, the Red Sox win the last of four straight games to head to the World Series.


1887 Brooklyn spends somewhere in the neighborhood of $25,000 to take Bill Fagan, Frank Hankinson, Bill Holbert, Al Mays, Darby O’Brien, Dave Orr, Paul Radford, and Jim Donahue from the New York Metropolitans. According to the Philadelphia Times, Erasmus Wiman of Brooklyn essentially bought the Metropolitan franchise for $25,000 in three checks of $5,000, $7,500, and $12,500. (“Base Ball Notes.”, Philadelphia Times, 06 November 1887, Page 14.)

1950 The Braves signed amateur free agent Frank Torre.

1965 The Mets wanted Ken Boyer, so they sent Al Jackson and Charley Smith to the Cardinals.

1972 The Cubs sent Tom Phoebus to the Braves for Tony LaRussa.

2012 Three teams here – Okaland sent a minor leaguer to the Marlins, Oakland sent Cliff Pennington to the Diamondbacks, the Marlins sent Heath Bell (and cash) to Arizona, and Arizona sent Chris Young (and some money) to Oakland.

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