Baseball History for October 13th

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1849 Garret C. (Gat) Stires
1858 Fred Lewis
1876 George Edward (Rube) Waddell
1876 Bill Donovan
1877 Ham Patterson
1883 Walter Blair
1885 Jim Hanley
1888 Jack Onslow
1889 Charles William (Sandy) Piez
1889 Frank Smykal
1891 Fred McMullin
1892 Chauncey Burkam
1893 William Martin (Pickles) Dillhoefer
1893 Charles Harry (Dick) Spalding
1894 Charles August (Swede) Risberg
1894 Bob Allen
1895 Jim Roberts
1895 Mike Gazella
1895 Ben Paschal
1896 Claude Davidson
1896 Charlie See
1897 Elliot Bigelow
1900 Heinie Odom
1901 Phil Hensiek
1904 Howie Carter
1912 Xavier Rescigno
1914 Frankie Hayes
1916 Ray Hathaway
1924 Charlie Silvera
1924 Dee Fondy
1926 Eddie Yost
1931 Eddie Mathews
1932 Dick Barone
1937 Lou Clinton
1938 Ron Moeller
1941 Jim Price
1942 Bob Bailey
1943 Jerry Robertson
1946 John Strohmayer
1948 Randy Moffitt
1950 Dick Pole
1951 Frank LaCorte
1954 George Frazier
1956 Andy Beene
1961 Mike Capel
1963 Bryan Hickerson
1964 Chris Gwynn
1967 Scott Cooper
1967 Trevor Hoffman
1967 Monty Fariss
1968 Julio Valera
1969 Tim Crabtree
1969 Damian Miller
1970 Kennie Steenstra
1981 Taylor Buchholz
1983 Chris Seddon
1984 Steven Lerud
1984 Hayden Penn


1909 Sleeper Sullivan
1913 Mike Heydon
1916 Cyclone Miller
1925 Gus Schmelz
1941 George Proeser
1955 Fred Lear
1956 George Dumont
1959 Dave Wills
1962 Gus Hetling
1964 Scrappy Moore
1969 Harry Huston
1970 Fred Mitchell
1973 Icehouse Wilson
1974 Sam Rice
1975 Swede Risberg
1977 Joe Bratcher
1978 George Jeffcoat
1981 Jack Knott
1984 Ed Carroll
1984 Dixie Carroll
1984 High Pockets Kelly
1988 Ramon Romero
1990 Lino Donoso
1999 Tex Aulds
2004 Mike Blyzka
2011 Vic LaRose
2019 Bobby Del Greco


1862 Jim Creighton homers – but the torque of his swing may have contributed to a ruptured inguinal hernia, which kills him.

1903 Boston blanks Pittsburgh to win the first World Series between the National and American Leagues.

1914 The Boston Braves, at one point in last place in the NL, sweeps the Philadelphia As to win the World Series.

1921 The Giants blank the Yankees, 1 – 0, to win the World Series.

1960 Bill Mazeroski homers in the bottom of the tenth inning to give the Pirates a 10 – 9 win over New York in game seven of the World Series.

1970 Dave McNally hits a grand slam – the first by a pitcher in the World Series – as Orioles clout the Reds.

1985 Vince Coleman gets his leg stuck in the tarp while stretching prior to game 4 of the NLCS, ending the rookie’s season.

2002 Adam Kennedy hits three homers as the Angels top the Twins to head to the World Series.


1907 A three team AL deal – The Highlanders send Frank LaPorte to Boston, Boston sends Freddy Parent to the White Sox, and the White Sox send Jake Stahl to the Highlanders.

1925 Pittsburgh acquires Paul Waner and Hal Rhyne from the San Francisco Seals.

1949 The Yankees send cash and (later) Eddie Malone to Oakland of the PCL to acquire Jackie Jensen and Billy Martin.

1970 Kansas City sends Pat Kelly and Don O’Riley to the White Sox for Gail Hopkins and John Matias.

1974 New York sends Ray Sadecki and Tommy Moore to the Cardinals for Joe Torre.


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