Baseball History for October 10th

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1854 Bill Tobin
1858 Mike Corcoran
1862 Dennis Driscoll
1864 Charlie Sprague
1867 William Benjamin (Shorty) Fuller
1867 Ad Gumbert
1868 Dave Anderson
1869 Bill Moran
1877 Otto Charles (Pep) Deininger
1878 Otto Hess
1879 Homer Hillebrand
1886 Bill Forman
1887 Paul Fittery
1887 Bill Killefer
1888 Wallace Luther (Toots) Shultz
1892 Rich Durning
1894 Myrl Brown
1902 Homer Peel
1903 Fay Thomas
1905 John Stone
1905 Wally Berger
1914 Tommy Fine
1914 Italo Chelini
1915 Harry Eisenstat
1916 Floyd Baker
1921 Hank Riebe
1922 Mickey Kreitner
1929 Bobby Tiefenauer
1932 Hal Raether
1937 Gordie Sundin
1940 Grover Powell
1940 Larry Maxie
1946 Gene Tenace
1947 Roger Metzger
1949 Larry Lintz
1949 Rob Sperring
1950 Terry Enyart
1959 Jim Weaver
1959 Don Gordon
1959 Les Straker
1960 Bill Moore
1966 Francisco Cabrera
1972 Mike Holtz
1972 Ramon Martinez
1973 Brian Powell
1974 Luther Hackman
1975 Placido Polanco
1976 Pat Burrell
1979 Brad Ziegler
1980 Noah Lowry
1984 Troy Tulowitzki
1986 Andrew McCutchen
1987 Adrian Cardenas
1987 Elvin Ramirez
1988 Fernando Martinez
1989 Jeurys Familia
1989 Issac Galloway
1990 Shelby Miller
1990 Kolten Wong
1990 Jonathan Aro
1993 Lourdes Gurriel, Jr.
1994 Sean Murphy
1994 David Bednar
1994 Garrett Hampson
1996 Genesis Cabrera


1883 Jim Devlin
1893 Lip Pike
1903 John Valentine
1911 Bill Parks
1912 Bill Tobin
1918 George LeClair
1921 Al Nevin
1926 Brownie Foreman
1933 Joe Kostal
1943 Harry Vahrenhorst
1944 Louis LeRoy
1946 Bill Jones
1946 Walter Clarkson
1947 Slim Embry
1960 Hub Hart
1966 Patsy Gharrity
1970 Lefty Leifield
1977 Jim Lyle
1986 Russ Van Atta
1990 Wally Moses
1990 George Barnicle
1995 Ed Gill
1998 Strick Shofner
1998 El Tappe
2001 Dave Gerard
2002 Joe Wood
2003 Johnny Klippstein
2004 Ken Caminiti
2008 Sid Hudson
2009 Larry Jansen
2015 Garry Hancock
2018 Don Eddy


1904 A ninth inning wild pitch by New York Highlanders pitcher Jack Chesbro gives the AL pennant to the Red Sox on the last day of the season.

1920 Bill Wambsganss completes an unassisted triple play in a World Series game. He hated that it happened, essentially because he didn’t like being the answer to a trivia question when he had a much broader career.

In that same game, Elmer Smith hits the first World Series grand slam, and pitcher Jim Bagby is the first slinger to homer.

1924 Hank Gowdy drops a foul pop up (he stumbled on his mask), allowing Muddy Ruel to get another shot. Ruel doubled and later scored the winning run to give the Senators the World Series.

1957 Lew Burdette blanks the Yankees, 5 – 0, on two days rest to win the World Series with the Braves.


1932 St. Louis sent Gus Mancuso and Ray Starr to the Giants for Ethan Allen, Bob O’Farrell, Jim Mooney, and Bill Walker.

1950 The Cubs send Hank Edwards (and some moolah) to the Dodgers for Dee Fondy and The Rifleman, Chuck Connors.

1961 The Mets and Colt 45s have their expansion drafts. Bob Miller is taken from the Cards by New York, while Houston takes Joey Amalfatano. The Mets tended toward veterans (Roger Craig, Jay Hook, Don Zimmer, Gil Hodges, etc,) while Houston tended to take kids…

1962 Boston signs amateur free agent hitter Tony Conigliaro.

1967 Atlanta sends Mack Jones, Jay Ritchie, and Jim Beauchamp to Cincinnati for Deron Johnson.

1971 Milwaukee sends Tommy Harper, Marty Pattin, Lew Krausse and a minor leaguer to Boston for George Scott, Ken Brett, Jim Lonborg, Joe Lahoud, Don Pavletich, and Billy Conigliaro.

2006 Kansas City signed amateur free agent catcher Salvador Perez.

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