Baseball History for September 30th

<— SEP 29     OCT 01 —>


1851 John Shoup

Played briefly with Troy in the National League (44 at bats, 4 hits in 1879), plus two games with St. Louis in the American Association in 1882, and one game with Washington of the Union Association.

1866 Tom Cotter
1869 Hal O’Hagan
1874 Henry Bert (Cy) Vorhees
1876 Alex Hardy
1878 John Kalahan
1881 Forrest More
1882 Charles Evard (Gabby) Street
1882 Art Hoelskoetter

From what I quickly gathered, Hoelskoetter played under the name Hostetter when he was playing in his native St. Louis amateur and semi-professional leagues.  There he was a pitcher.  When he got to Denver in the Western League, he was so athletically gifted he was moved to shortstop.  He made it to the majors after a pretty good second season in Denver in 1905 getting to play with his hometown Cardinals.  He was a decent enough fielder but not a great hitter (he’d bat between .221 and .247 over 299 games in his four major league seasons from 1905 to 1908) – but what gave him the job was his versatility.  He’s among the very few players to have played at least 15 games at all four infield positions, the outfield (13 in CF, 7 in RF), catcher, and pitcher – where he appeared in 15 contests and made four starts.  When he died in 1954, his obituary noted his wife, Josephine Lavignon, had already passed and that he was a member of the Players Association and an active Third Ward Democrat…

1884 Nap Rucker
1885 Zinn Beck
1890 Leo Ignatius (Pat) Bohen
1890 Harry Fritz
1893 Albert Aloysius (Duke) Kelleher
1895 Dick Cox
1897 Mike Kircher
1897 Eddie Kenna
1902 Otis Leonard (Blackie) Carter
1904 Johnny Allen
1905 Luther Harvel
1906 Frank Lamanske
1910 Jennings Poindexter
1910 Frank Skaff
1913 Nate Andrews
1918 Jim Castiglia
1920 Lyman Linde
1921 Eddie McGah
1926 Robin Roberts
1927 Ben Taylor
1929 Marv Blaylock
1932 Johnny Podres
1948 Craig Kusick
1948 Rosendo Rusty Torres
1949 Ike Blessitt
1953 Dan Gonzales
1955 Carlos Lezcano
1962 Dave Magadan
1964 Doug Jennings
1964 Scott Lusader
1967 John DeSilva
1967 Yorkis Perez
1972 Curtis Goodwin
1972 Jose Lima
1974 Jeremy Giambi
1975 Carlos Guillen
1980 Bryan Bullington
1981 Brandon Watson
1982 Seth Smith
1985 Jamie Romak
1985 Dan Robertson
1985 Danny Worth
1986 Edward Paredes
1986 James Hoyt
1987 Kenley Jansen
1988 Brian Moran
1988 Sugar Ray Marimon
1989 Kyle Parker
1990 Jack Mayfield
1993 Trent Thornton
1994 Travis Demeritte
1997 Jesus Luzardo


1922 Frank Genins
1927 Hank Morrison
1937 George Shoch
1941 John McPherson
1947 John Halla
1950 Jack Harper
1950 Ned Crompton
1952 Jerry Freeman
1962 Cap Crowell
1962 Squiz Pillion
1963 Jack White
1965 Jim Battle
1969 Hank Thompson
1969 Jim Galvin
1970 Lou Novikoff
1970 Hank Patterson
1971 Bill Mack
1973 Reb Russell
1977 Del Pratt
1989 Bill Weir
1990 Nels Potter
1998 Dan Quisenberry

Brain cancer.

2002 Eddie McGah
2008 Ed Brinkman


1927 Babe Ruth connects with a Tom Zachary pitch to hit his 60th home run, breaking his own record of 59 set six years earlier.

1962 In losing their 120th game of the season, the Mets went out in style. To end the eighth inning, Joe Pignatano hits into a triple play. Richie Ashburn and Sammy Drake were on base – all three would be playing in their last MLB game.

1972 With a double off Jon Matlack, Roberto Clemente joins the 3000 hit club.

1984 On the last day of the season, Angels pitcher Mike Witt throws a perfect game to beat the Rangers, 1 – 0.

1992 George Brett’s fourth hit of the game is the 3000th of his career.  Then, he takes a long lead and the left handed Tim Fortugno, off of whom he got that hit, picked off Brett at first.  Oops.


1930 Among the Rule 5 Draft picks was Wilcy Moore, taken by the Red Sox from St. Paul of the American Association.

1931 Among the Rule 5 Draft picks was Bobo Newsom, taken by the Cubs from Little Rock of the Southern Association.

1941 Among the Rule 5 Draft picks was Sal Maglie, taken by Detroit.

1943 Pittsburgh sent Wohnny Wyrostek and Johnny Podgajny (and cash) to the Cardinals for Preacher Roe.

1946 Pittsburgh sent Bob Elliott and Hank Camelli to the Braves for Billy Herman, Whitey Weitelmann, Sten Wentzel and Elmer Singleton.

1948 New York buys Gene Woodling from San Francisco of the PCL. Exactly one year earlier, Pittsburgh had pitched him and three others as compensation to the Seals to acquire Bob Chesnes.

1968 To fill the player to be named later role in a trade for John Wyatt, the Tigers sent Jim Rooker to the Yankees.

1996 Oakland signed amateur free agent catcher Miguel Olivo.

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