Baseball History for September 23rd

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1847 John Day
1874 Lee DeMontreville
1880 Charles F.(Heinie) Wagner
1880 Cecil Fleming (Cy) Neighbors
1886 Bob Higgins
1886 Joe Kelly
1887 Harold Winthrop (Doc) Martin
1889 Walter (Biff) Schaller
1895 Johnny Mokan
1897 Walt Irwin
1898 George Murray
1898 Horace Milton (Hod) Lisenbee
1900 Walter Cleveland (Lefty) Stewart
1909 Al Mahon
1913 Pete Sivess
1914 Mack Stewart
1920 Marino Pieretti
1922 Lino Donoso
1924 Dino Restelli
1942 William Frederick (Woody) Woodward
1942 Jim Rooker
1943 Winston Llenas
1943 Marcelino Lopez
1944 Oscar Zamora
1952 Jim Morrison
1952 Dennis Lamp
1952 Pat Scanlon
1953 Brian Asselstine
1957 Tony Fossas
1959 Jim Winn
1963 Terry McGriff
1966 Pete Harnisch
1968 Rod Bolton
1969 Jeff Cirillo
1971 Willie Greene
1972 Hernando Petrocelli (Pep) Harris
1974 Eric Knott
1975 Dave Elder
1977 Brent Abernathy
1980 Mike Gosling
1984 Matt Kemp
1985 Joba Chamberlain
1986 Chris Volstad
1986 Miguel Gonzalez
1987 Gonzalez Germen
1987 Xavier Scruggs
1988 Jedd Gyorko
1989 Trevor May


1896 John Crowley
1901 Doc McJames
1907 Charlie Buffinton
1915 Brickyard Kennedy
1916 Monk Cline
1920 Doc Curley
1922 Butch Rementer
1932 Oliver Brown
1941 Tom Morrissey
1942 Tom Thomas
1948 Rich Durning
1951 Dale Gear
1954 John Wilson
1955 Gary Fortune
1958 Bill Mundy
1960 Paul Hinson
1961 Ted Jourdan
1962 Tom Sullivan
1964 Cy Barger
1973 Jesse Fowler
1982 Lefty Mills
2000 Aurelio Rodriguez
2010 Bob Shaw
2011 Danny Litwhiler
2012 Roberto Rodriguez


1908 Fred Merkle doesn’t touch second base on what should have been Al Bridwell’s game winning single to center, and is forced out while fans take over the field. The game ends in a tie that has to be replayed when the Cubs and Giants finish the season in a tie. And it costs the Giants the pennant – and results in a play and nickname that is forever linked to Merkle.

1978 Lyman Bostock is shot by the estranged husband of a young woman who is also in the back seat of the car while driving in Gary, Indiana. Leonard Smith was trying to kill his wife, Barbara, and hit Bostock in the head instead.  Bostock died at the hospital the next day.

1988 With a pair of stolen bases against the Brewers, Oakland’s Jose Canseco creates the 40/40 club.


1908 The White Sox purchase catcher Ossee Schreckongost from Philadelphia.

1953 St. Louis purchases Memo Luna from San Diego of the PCL for $75,000.

1986 Texas signs free agent amateur pitcher Wilson Alvarez.

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